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Combined salaries not entertained to issue any kind of Visa

My wife and I are residing and working here in Kuwait. My salary is KD265 and my wife’s salary is KD250. We have a daughter in India who is with my parents right now. I would like to bring my daughter to Kuwait on a family visa. Can you please advice me the procedure?

Name withheld

Answer: To be able to sponsor your daughter or any other member of the family on dependent visa you should earn a monthly salary of KD450 or more. This salary must reflect in your work visa and the salary your wife earns has nothing to do with your ability or otherwise to get a visa for your dependents. In short your salary falls short of the required amount and you are not allowed to combine your salary and your wife’s to attain the magic figure. You can therefore not be qualified to get a family visa for your daughter and hence no need to take the procedure to apply for a family visa.

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