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Clubs reject FIFA decision to suspend Kuwait – MP recommends punishment for clubs that violate country’s laws

A man walks past the Kuwaiti Football Association (KFA)’s headquarters on Oct 17, 2015, in Kuwait City. (AFP)
A man walks past the Kuwaiti Football Association (KFA)’s headquarters on Oct 17, 2015, in Kuwait City. (AFP)

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 18: In what seems to be the last attempt to rescue the situation, some sports clubs in the country have declared outright rejection of FIFA’s decision to suspend Kuwait. Seven clubs out of 16 endorsed a proposal filed by the Chairman of Salmiya Sports Club Sheikh Turki Al-Yusuf to address FIFA, whereas the other clubs requested time to consult their boards.

The decision was made through a quick voting session during a consultation meeting held at the headquarters of Kuwait Football Association Sunday evening, attended by the representatives of 16 football clubs and the board of the association chaired by Sheikh Talal Al-Fahad. The letter which is supposed to address the name of the local clubs requests FIFA to respect the rules of Kuwait. In the same context, sources said the letter FIFA addressed to Kuwait to suspend its sports activities is an attempt to fortify the board of Kuwait Football Association, confirming the current board and members of clubs are still legal, and to protect the members from any decision may be issued to dissolve the association.

In his comment, MP Nabil Al- Fadhel declared that the sports issue happened on a silver platter through the ban because the country has fundamental problems in the clubs that transformed into a citadel of muscle flexing for the political and tribal factions. He recommended the punishment of clubs that stood against Kuwait and her laws, as the first step toward resolving the problem.

He suggested lands for such clubs must be revoked, and whoever wants to be chairman of any club should purchase a piece of land from his personal purse instead of becoming a hero at the expense of the country and turn back to insult Kuwait. For his part, MP Abdullah Al- Mayouf disclosed that he and MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji visited HH the Amir and HH Crown Prince, and they explained their discussion with the International Olympic Committee and the false allegations against Kuwaiti sports.

They assured the government does not interfere in sports activities; rather, it supports sports along with the National Assembly which is also considered a big supporter of sports. For his part, MP Saud Al-Hariji declared the intention to ask for a special parliamentary session after the inauguration of the coming legislative term to discuss the consequences of FIFA’s decision of suspending the activities of the Kuwaiti sports, adding a country’s development is assessed by its sports activity.

By Ayed Al-Enezi, Abdulrahman Al-Shimmari & Hani Salama Al-Seyassah Staff

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