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Close scrutiny of Economic, Social Affairs ministers

MP Saleh Ashour

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: MP Saleh Ashour said the recent statements of State Minister for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqail and Minister of Social Affairs Sa’ad Al-Kharraz about their plans for their ministries might be a stretch, so he vowed to closely monitor the performance of these ministers.

Ashour asserted he will put the two ministers under the magnifying glass because he believes that matters will deteriorate even further.

He pointed out one of the points in the grilling of former Social Affairs minister Hind Al-Sabeeh was the population structure. He said Al-Sabeeh failed to address the growing population of non-Kuwaitis – more than 500,000 or 5.7 percent increase during her tenure. He added this is just one of the areas where the former minister failed; thus, he believes the newly appointed minister will face numerous blunders and hardships.

Ashour is not the only one putting the new ministers under a magnifying glass as at least 15 other MPs are keen on closely monitoring their performance while the rest are more lenient and prefer a more cooperative approach.
By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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