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Wednesday , August 21 2019

Clip on Ethiopian women sparks uproar

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 3: A video clip filmed inside a women’s prison in Kuwait and posted on the social media websites has sparked anger and controversy in the African Continent and particularly in Ethiopia, reports Al-Rai daily. The video clip purportedly shows a group of Ethiopian women detainees (domestic workers) currently huddled in one cell at a detention facility in Kuwait after they were arrested about 10 days ago crying and claiming they were subjected to physical abuse and maltreatment. According to the Ethiopian media the video clip was made with the help of a cell phone showing more a dozen women. Ethiopia through the media has called on the government of Kuwait to do the needful and return the women home as soon as possible.

However, the Ethiopian government officials quoting their Kuwaiti counterparts said the women were arrested during campaigns and raids targeting residence law violators in the state and that most of them had been reported absconders while others were not holding any identification papers. The Ethiopian officials also quoting their Kuwaiti counterparts said the women are expected to be deported sooner than later but they are held in a detention center until completion of certain procedures by their sponsors, including payment of accumulated fines on them. A news report said there are a number of lawyers and human rights Kuwaiti and expatriate activists currently working to collect donations to pay those fines for the detained maids, in the hope of ending their suffering either by deportation or amending their legal status.

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