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‘Cleaning tender awarded to second lowest bidder’

Yousef Al-Najjar

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 31: Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs at the Ministry of Education Yousef Al-Najjar told the Al-Rai daily that after the completion of the procedures related to the maintenance contract for schools and buildings of the Ahmadi Educational Zone, the tender was awarded to the lowest bidding company, but the company failed to show up to sign the contract and it was but natural to award the contract to the next lowest bidder after informing the Central Agency for Public Tenders, reports Al-Rai daily.

A l – N a j j a r expects the contract to be signed within one week to 10 days at most, while the ministry engineers are ready to meet the consequences of the rain, at all schools and educational facilities.

He told the daily, the complaints were minor as a result of the recent rains but expects the complaints to increase and multiply should Kuwait experience heavy rains because many of the schools are houses in old premises such as in the Ahmadi Educational District, which includes nearly 70 educational facilities which suffer more than other districts. The engineers explained that the signing of the Ahmadi Maintenance Contract is a major breakthrough for the schools of the region, which has not had any maintenance contract for nearly three years, where a number of schools and facilities will benefit.

The engineers added, the work is expected to begin immediately after signing the contract which will include all types of works including the school compound walls, roofs, maintenance of toilets, etc.

Engineers pointed out that engineering departments in all educational areas began to take their first steps in preparing for the rain, by conducting a thorough cleaning the sewage networks and water pipes, and full preparations for emergencies, stressing that the engineering teams in the ministry have enough experience in dealing with rain, but there are some schools with a special geographic nature, located in relatively low places and in residential areas with poor infrastructure for drainage, and the streets are almost without drainage networks, especially old areas.

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