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Claim indemnity, Sell Car, Close Bank Account, transfer of House Tel/Electricity – Procedure

My friend, who was working in Kuwait, expired while on vacation in India. His wife, who holds a work visa, has returned to Kuwait. I would like to know what are the documents required and procedure for the following:

1. To claim her husband’s indemnity

2. Sell his car

3. Close his Bank Account

4. Transfer the house telephone and electricity to her name.

Name withheld

Answer: When a person expires, all his/ her accounts are immediately sealed as soon as the information is passed on to the various concerned institutions.

Some companies, however, give the indemnity to the spouse but most of the firms wait for confirmation of a court which decides who receives the “property” of the deceased. The bank account will be sealed immediately but the wife won’t be able to withdraw any money from the account until the arrival of the court order.

The house telephone and the electricity, however, can be transferred on production of the death certificate. First of all, you have to decide whether you wish to settle the issue through the law of your own country or the Kuwait law. Almost all expatriates opt to settle the issue through the laws of their own country.

This makes things easier because the Kuwait law divides the property between various members of the family according to set proportions.

For this purpose, you have to get a court order from your country which says the wife is the only claimant to the property/money of the deceased. You then get the same attested from the Foreign Ministry of your country and the Kuwait Embassy. Some institutions just give all the deceased’s dues on the production of these papers but some want a Kuwait court order.

So, in such a case you will have to get the court order attested by your embassy in Kuwait, before getting it attested from the Kuwait Foreign Ministry in Shuwaikh. After that just submit it to the Justice Palace from where you should not have any problems in getting the court order to have all the dues released.

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