Tuesday , October 23 2018

Citizens outraged over intended Al-Dora charge for housemaids – Sri Lankans to go for KD 990

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: A number of Kuwaiti citizens expressed disappointment over reports concerning the high costs for hiring domestic workers through Dora Company. For example, the company intends to charge KD 990 for hiring a housemaid from Sri Lanka, reports Al- Anba daily.

Former MP Kamel Al-Awadi said the Public Investment Authority is responsible for this as well as the hidden parties that have been secretly working hard for ensuring the failure of Dora Company. He revealed his surprise when the Public Investment Authority gave up its share in the company even though citizens have been waiting for three years for this company to be launched.

Al-Awadi wondered which body can manage the company successfully instead of the Public Investment Authority, which is supposed to be the best for this task as it has investments worth billions. He stressed the importance of running the company on one hand and monitoring the markets on the other hand. As an example, he compared the prices when there was only one telecommunication company in the market with the prices when another company was launched.

However, the real competition began when the third company entered the market. Al-Awadi explained that Dora Company is supposed to have quota of only 50 percent of the domestic workers while the remaining 50 percent would be shared by other domestic labor bureaus in order to create competition in the domestic labor market.

The Kuwaiti ambassadors at the countries that export domestic labor should be requested to meet the agent offices and other relevant bodies in those countries in order to inform them about the launch of Dora Company and present them with the benefits of dealing with the company in terms of protecting the domestic workers and preserving their rights.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen Talal Hajji expressed displeasure over the announced costs for domestic labor, considering it as a trap into which citizens have fallen. He revealed that he had waited for too long for the company to be launched but eventually the announced prices took matters back to square one. Hajji lamented that citizens will continue to be subjected to blackmail in the domestic labor offices. Another Kuwaiti citizen Abdulmohsen Hajji said the actual performance of the Dora Company is in contrast with the ambitions of the citizens.

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