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Citizens, expats urged to avoid wasting water during holidays

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937 Kuwaiti employees referred for retirement

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: Undersecretary of Ministry of Electricity and Water Eng Mohammad Bushahri called on all citizens and expatriates to avoid wasting water during the celebrations of the National Days, reports Al-Rai daily. Bushahri warned about the water that people would use during the celebrations, as the source of the water is unknown and may contain harmful substances. He affirmed that the ministry shares with the citizens the joy of celebrating the Independence Day and Liberation Day of Kuwait. However, the celebrations should not involve wastage of water especially since it is subsidized and costs the state a large sum of money. Eng Bushahri stressed the need to celebrate the National Days in an elite manner that matches the culture of Kuwait. He revealed that the consumption of water during the National Days celebrations in the last few years increased by 14 million gallons compared to the regular consumption rate. Eng. Bushahri also urged citizens to instruct their domestic workers and drivers to minimize the consumption of water and advise them to use buckets for washing cars instead of hoses.

Ministry of Social Affairs Undersecretary Saad Al-Kharaz said 937 Kuwaiti employees were referred for retirement as they either reached the legal retirement age or have been in service for 30 years, indicating most of them are assigned in the Handicapped Care Sector, reports Al-Anba daily. Al-Kharaz added the ministry terminated the services of 31 expatriates effective June 2018 in line with the Civil Service Law. He also disclosed that the Personnel Affairs Committee filled 35 leadership posts including department directors, observers and division heads. He said the committee is now waiting for approval from the Civil Service Commission (CSC). On the other hand, the ministry issued a decision on the dissolution of Kuwait Society for Helping Students after referring it for investigation on alleged irregularities.

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