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Citizens, expats flock to Souq Sharq to enjoy shopping, various programs

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 16: Muhammad Khaleed Awaad won a Hyundai ACCENT on the third day of the Hala February 2016 raffle draw in Souq Sharq where the crowd enjoyed the celebratory atmosphere especially since many prizes were at stake, in addition to various promotions and gifts.

A large number of citizens and expatriates from all walks of life flocked to Souq Al Sharq to enjoy shopping and different programs prepared by the organizers. Meanwhile the seminar, ‘Clarity in the History of our National Unity’, continues for the third day at Al-Babtain Library for Arabic Poetry.

This is part of the cultural activities lined up for the festival. In a press statement, member of the Supreme Organizing Committee and Head of the Media Department for the festival Waleed Muhammad Al-Sa’qabi asserted the seminar continues to capture radiant aspects in Kuwait’s history including the social, economic and political fields. He said the seminar also drew clear features of patriotism instilled in the hearts of the forefathers of this land, let alone the high moral standards, attributes and warm relations between neighbors in a certain area in Kuwait during the old times.

In the same context, participants in the seminar confirmed that the martyrs of Kuwait created a glorious history and built pillars of national unity for this country, while the current generation must be aware of their history and cultural background. Speaking during the seminar, Kuwait University lecturer Dr Saud Al-Osfoo pointed out the event takes them back to the ‘days of the sea’ and the establishment of this country where generations lived facing the sea which was their major source of sustenance and livelihood.

Other speakers in the seminar included former lecturer in Kuwait University Professor Bunyaan Al-Turki who expressed his jubilation to be one of the participants in the Hala February’s cultural evening, which reflects the civilized and historic aspects of the State of Kuwait. He underscored the importance of remembering 1,216 martyrs and to acknowledge their sacrifice by designating a day of the year to commemorate them. He suggested that day should become a national holiday and should be named, ‘Martyrs Day’, in honor of their heroic and selfless stances in this society. Another speaker, former Secretary General of the Awqaf Foundation Secretariat Dr AbdulMuhsin Al-Kharafi, emphasized the need to strengthen national unity as reflected in the services provided by the foundation to the entire society without discrimination.

He explained these services aim to further cement national unity as well as ensure social justice among members of the society. On the other hand MP Fares Al-Otaibi disclosed the marketing aspect of the festival is another face of the Independence and Liberation days festivities, adding that the festival succeeded in the previous editions by delivering the national messages in terms of orientation and social activities. In a statement to the Higher Planning Committee, Al-Otaibi declared the current festival has been able to complement delivery of national messages through consolidation of the national unity and harmony.

He said the festival has been putting smiles on the faces of citizens and expatriates who expressed honest delight and happiness from the bottom of their hearts. He indicated the major reason for organizing the events is to activate the wheel of commerce through tourism and economic activities, while showing the face of Kuwaiti civilization. He wondered why the government has not executed any serious plan to strengthen the tourism sector in Kuwait with the availability of huge financial resources and other factors needed for growth of the industry.

He congratulated all Kuwaitis on occasion of the 10th anniversary of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince’s ascension to their respective offices. He prayed that Allah Almighty grants the leadership more wisdom and knowledge to lead the country out of the current economic doldrum. He affirmed that His Highness the Amir is known worldwide for using his diplomatic experience and wisdom to build bridges with regional and international organizations

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