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Wednesday , November 21 2018

Chicago sues Trump administration – Sanctuary city funding threat

This Aug 5 photo shows the Circle Food Store engulfed in floodwaters in New Orleans. Officials in New Orleans say heavy rainfall overwhelmed the city’s pump stations, contributing to flooding in some areas. City homeland security director Aaron Miller says that with more heavy rain predicted for Monday afternoon, the city’s pumping capacity could be overwhelmed again.

CHICAGO, Aug 7, (RTRS): Chicago on Monday sued to prevent the Trump administration from enacting new policies that would withhold money from so-called sanctuary cities that deny US immigration officials access to local jails.

The lawsuit filed in US District Court claims that the federal policies force the city to choose between its constitutional rights and funding for law enforcement. “These new conditions also fly in the face of longstanding City policy that promotes cooperation between local law enforcement and immigrant communities,” the lawsuit said.

The policies also include a requirement that local law enforcement give federal authorities 48 hours notice before releasing anyone wanted for immigration violations. Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Sunday that the city would file the lawsuit, escalating a pushback against a federal immigration crackdown launched by Republican President Donald Trump’s administration.

The lawsuit came nearly two weeks after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department would bar cities from a certain grant program unless they allowed immigration authorities unlimited access to local jails and give the 48 hours pre-release notice.

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