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Sunday , December 5 2021

Cheating is average among higher education students

52.9pct students say cheating behavior does not harm others

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: A recent study revealed that the degree of orientation of students of higher education in the country who practice cheating is average, their attitude towards it is positive and they see it as a kind of assistance rather than as a behavioral cheating but called on the concerned authorities to punish those who cheat, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The survey, conducted by Professor of Education Dr Faki Hamed and Professor of Curriculum and Instruction Dr Abdul Rahman Al- Ahmad, on 2,000 students under the title ‘The trend towards cheating and the factors affecting it from the point of view of a sample of students of higher education in Kuwait’, members of both sexes showed the same tendency towards cheating.

In the questionnaire, 52.9% of students agreed that cheating behavior does not harm others completely, while 35.8% feel to be somewhat cheated, 11.3% rejected, and 50.3% believed that cheating was a form of collaboration among students – the latter was rejected by 37.8% to some extent, while 11.9% fully rejected this view.

On the request for information from colleagues during the tests, 49.7% of the students considered and fully agreed it was not cheating while 38% were somewhat agreeable, only 12.3% rejected it, and 44.9% agreed. The student, who cheats while agreeing to some extent about 40.3%, refuses to forgive the cheaters.

A total of 45.9% of the students agreed that cheating was not a behavior, 35.1% agreed to some extent, 19% considered it to be a behavior, and 41% agreed with the statement “do not avoid cheating”. On this issue 32.4% agreed to a certain extent, while 26.4% of respondents said they did not.

The study found that some of the psychological factors that lead to cheating from the point of view of students are fear of failure, and 69.2% agreed, while 59.7% of the students considered that excessive anxiety in life led to cheating, and 53.6% felt that self-confidence caused so, add to the jealousy of peers and others.

Meanwhile Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs in the Ministry of Education Yousif Al-Najar has decided the status of service contracts at old building affiliated to the ministry, affirming the contract for cleaning workers and security guards will not be separated from that of the building in South Surrah, reports Alrai daily.

Speaking to the daily, Al- Najar said the ministry has set next fiscal year’s budget at KD 2.200 billion with a difference of KD 300 million compared to current budget, which is valued at 1.900 billion, noting a request is being studied by the Ministry of Finance regarding the allocation. He denied the prospect of sustaining financial defi- cit in the current budget but said “ we are currently making every move to determine if there will be deficit in the budget upon its closure next march 31”, he added.

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