Thursday , September 20 2018

Charity needed

I am a Sri Lankan working in Kuwait as a saloon employee. I have my family (wife and baby girl) here with me. For the last one year I have been having health problems as I am a diabetic, plus suffering from hyper tension and have not been able to work properly.

Now I have run into other problems. I have not been able to pay my house rent for the last two months. This is about KD 700 and because of this reason the landlord has kicked us out of our apartment.

We don’t have a place to sleep. I also need to pay KD 300 as electricity bill. Is there anyone in Kuwait who can help send my family back to my country.

Name withheld

Answer: Please understand that the Legal Clinic only offers advice to our readers and does not involve itself in charity.

You have also to understand that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has also banned newspapers/ the media from soliciting donations for any person or donations — regardless of the circumstances, unless prior permission is obtained from the ministry.

As such we can neither publish your appeal nor your contact numbers nor ask our readers to help you. The only thing we can do is inform you that there are a number of charity/ zakat organizations in the country which help the needy. You have to approach them yourselves.

These organizations will check your claims and only help you if they feel that your claims are genuine

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