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Certificates attestation of Teachers and Doctors threatens to paralyze facilities

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 23: The need for attestation and equivalence of certificates of teachers and doctors by the concerned authorities threatens to paralyze educational and medical facilities, which is awaiting the issuance of the executive regulation of Law No. 78 of 2019, reports Al-Rai daily.

An educational source told the daily the certificates of the new teachers who have signed contracts locally or overseas with the Ministry of Education (including Kuwaitis, non-Kuwaiti) are awaiting the issuance of the executive regulation, and the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr Hamid Al-Azmi had formed a committee for this purpose on January 3, 2019.

The Ministry of Education has put the entire crisis at the table of its undersecretary, Dr Saud Al-Harbi to find a solution with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) , by giving allowing teachers to start work directly like their counterparts before the new law came into force.

The source pointed out that the complex procedures of the CSC may cause a major crisis in the Ministry of Education, in light of the shortage of teachers and the increased number of lectures and classes for ten teaching staffs to address the shortage, pointing out that this procedure did not exclude even the Kuwaiti teacher, a graduate of Kuwait University or the Public Authority for Applied Education.

Thus, the Ministry of Education has become confused in addressing the party responsible for solving the problem temporarily, pending the completion of the evaluation procedures in the Ministry of Higher Education.

In the same vein, the official sources at the Ministry of Health revealed that the ministry is awaiting the issuance of the executive regulation of the new law on the prohibition of the use of non-equivalent academic certificates, to put a radical solution to the problems faced by medical personnel due to the delay of the Ministry of Higher Education in the equation and scrutiny of their degrees. Sources stressed that the issuance of the executive regulation of the law may resolve the crisis radically by excluding doctors and medical professionals, pointing out that Article IV of the law confirms the possibility of exceptions, to become the equivalence of doctors’ certificate at a later stage of employment, especially since the Ministry has adopted institutions International certification of doctors and medical professionals for applicants.

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