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Tuesday , January 21 2020

Viral Videos

Post midnight on 5th Ring Road

Visibility was very poor today on 5th ring road post midnight due to heavy fog Share on: WhatsApp

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A Passenger goes wild after missing his flight on the airport

A passenger missed his flight as he was busy drinking at departure lounge at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow . He got angry and began …

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Bachelors parking in school area

This video documents that expat bachelors park public utility vehicles in school parking area Shamlan Ben Ali Middle School For Boys in Farwaniya. He urges …

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Old man robbed by professional thieves in supermarket

An old man in Riyadh was kept occupied with talks by a professional thieves and they robbed his wallet Share on: WhatsApp

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Reckless drivers on prowl in Jahra

People of Jahra area appeal to MOI before it is too late, to seek a solution and put end to this recklessness as these people …

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Escape before EPA officers arrive at Doha

Violators who are involved in illegal fishing activities near Doha area escape from the scene with their vehicles leaving fishing boats behind before EPA officers …

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Beware of Camels crossing road

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Mangaf Block 4 Street 25 – Kuwait

Kuwaiti citizen wants to bring to notice of Municipality about gathering of garbage in Mangaf Block 4 Street 25 Share on: WhatsApp

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Talabat delivery boy comes under mini bus in Salmiya

On 12th Oct at 3 pm an accident occurred in Salmiya on Mughera street where a delivery boy met in an accident, as per the …

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Expats parking their vehicles on sidewalks

Expats parking their vehicles on sidewalks – An appeal from a Kuwaiti citizen during his morning walk in Farwaniya documents a video on expats parking …

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