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Saturday , January 25 2020

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Kuwait condemns Al-Aqsa Mosque closure by Israel

GCC, Europol to boost security cooperation KUWAIT CITY, July 15, (KUNA): Kuwait strongly condemned Israel’s closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque and thus banning of Palestinian worshippers …

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Saudi police kill wanted terrorist – Kuwait condemns Qatif attack

RIYADH, July 15, (Agencies): Saudi police have killed a wanted “terrorist” in the Shiite-majority eastern district of Qatif, where there has been a string of …

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US has no proof IS leader Baghdadi is dead: Mattis

Iraq faces pockets of DAESH resistance WASHINGTON, July 15, (AFP): Pentagon chief Jim Mattis said Friday he cannot confirm whether or not Islamic State chief …

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Holy site shut after Jersusalem attack

Closure of Aqsa mosque serious crime: OIC JERUSALEM, July 15, (Agencies): Security forces locked down parts of Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday and an ultra-sensitive …

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Tillerson mum on progress, ends tour

US ANTI-BOYCOTT LAWS MAY COME INTO PLAY IN CRISIS US, France, EU voice support for Kuwait mediation DOHA, July 13, (Agencies): US Secretary of State …

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Worshippers struggle under a ‘police state’ – Bid to curb ‘extremism’

KASHGAR, China, July 13, (AFP): Worshippers quietly passed through metal detectors as they entered the central mosque in China’s far western city of Kashgar under …

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Medics in pink: Dubai launches women-only ambulances

Bid to expedite medical care by helping patients feel more at ease DUBAI, July 13, (AFP): Four women in pink remain on standby 12 hours …

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Sanctions against Qatar push inflation up modestly in June

‘Foreign workers complain about food price hike’ DUBAI/DOHA, July 13, (RTRS): Sanctions imposed by Arab states pushed Qatar’s inflation rate up only modestly in June, …

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US government bans Kaspersky

WASHINGTON, July 13, (AFP): The US government has moved to block federal agencies from buying software from Russia-based Kaspersky Labs, amid concerns about the company’s …

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US-Qatar terror accord termed insufficient – Al-Jazeera termed anti-Semitic Tillerson takes mediation to Jeddah JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, July 12, (Agencies): US Secretary of State Rex …

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