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Sunday , November 18 2018

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Kuwaiti doctors treating refugees in Jordan

Al-Rahma International, an affiliate of Kuwait’s Social Reforms Society, has sent in a team of medical volunteers of various specialties to treat Syrian refugees in the Kingdom. Walid Al-Suwailem, the head of the charity’s bureaus in Syria and Turkey and chief of the team, told KUNA on Sunday that the …

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Ex-Prez Khatami endorses Rouhani – Missing reformists real heroes at rally

TEHRAN, May 14, (Agencies): Iran’s reformist ex-president Mohammad Khatami on Sunday endorsed President Hassan Rouhani in a video message, calling on voters to give him another term in this week’s election. “Mr Rouhani’s government has been a successful one, despite all the limitations, problems and the great expectations,” he said …

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N. Korea fires ‘ballistic missile’ – US, S. Korea, Japan condemn launch

SEOUL, South Korea, May 14, (Agencies): North Korea on Sunday test-launched a ballistic missile that fl ew for half an hour and reached an unusually high altitude before landing in the Sea of Japan, the South Korean, Japanese and US militaries said. The launch, which Tokyo said could be of …

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Trump weighs US troops – Taleban making gains: Coats

WASHINGTON, May 14, (AFP): Hanging in a corridor outside the Pentagon press office, a blow-up of a Time magazine cover shows a weary US soldier drawing deeply on his cigarette. Barbed wire and snowy foothills loom behind him. The headline: “How Not to Lose in Afghanistan.” The date: April 20, …

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Kill switch halts spread … Risk of fresh strikes LONDON, May 13, (Agencies): Cyber security experts rushed to restore systems on Saturday after an unprecedented global wave of cyberattacks that struck targets ranging from Russia’s banks to British hospitals and a French carmaker’s factories. The hunt was on for the …

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US still paying for fence – Legal battles outlasted two presidents

HOUSTON, May 13, (AP): Before the wall, there was the fence. And the US is still paying for it. As President Donald Trump tries to persuade a skeptical Congress to fund his proposed multibillion-dollar wall on the Mexican border, government lawyers are still settling claims with Texas landowners over a …

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Sunni leader endorses Rouhani – Turnout key for election

TEHRAN, May 13, (Agencies): A leading figure of Iran’s minority Sunnis endorsed moderate President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday ahead of this week’s election, despite the government’s “shortcomings”. Sunnis make up around five to 10 percent of Iran’s 80 million population, which is overwhelmingly from the Shiite sect of Islam. Religious …

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Ten killed near China ‘Belt & Road’ projects

QUETTA, Pakistan, May 13, (Agencies): Ten labourers were gunned down in southwestern Pakistan on Saturday while working on link roads to connect outlying towns to the country’s $57-billion Chinese “Belt and Road” initiative, security officials confirmed. The attack on the Pakistani labourers took place some 20 kms from the emerging …

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Egypt discovers 17 mummies

Unprecedented find for area south of Cairo TOUNA EL-GABAL, Egypt, May 13, (AFP): Egyptian archaeologists have discovered 17 mummies in desert catacombs in Minya province, an “unprecedented” find for the area south of Cairo, the antiquities ministry announced Saturday. Archaeologists found the non-royal mummies in a series of corridors after …

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IS town fall, ‘victory’ for Kurds

Pentagon chief, Turkish PM meet BEIRUT, May 11, (Agencies): The capture of a key Syrian town and a nearby dam from Islamic State group militants by Syrian Kurdish-led forces undermines the IS’s ability to defend its de facto capital, Raqqa and disrupts its ability to plan attacks in Western countries, …

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