Friday , October 19 2018

Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

The learned plumber – It’s a matter of survival

‘Mr. Plumber’ “What is most important; to live or pretend to have lived?” Brazilian lyricist Paulo Coelho MANY people may look down on the profession of fixing sanitary ware— popularly known as plumbing, to the point of considering it a menial job. It’s widely believed that people taking up such …

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Beating about the bush

“Whoever loves a tree will love its branches” — French playwright, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, famously known by his stage name Molière (1622-1673). I do not think the stars will fall if I decide to learn how to understand knowledge itself. I am neither pessimistic nor hopeless, but this is the reality of …

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The five senses asking me

Memories are beyond will power; above the heart, and above emotions. That is why they are unforgettable, Mark Twain (1835-1910). Few days ago, I was late for a routine appointment, and the thought of being late was disturbing, embarrassing, and unacceptable. As I was heading to my destination, I encountered …

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Cup of coffee… & “Taha Hussein”

 ‘Best place on earth is a floating saddle; and the best companionship is a book’ – Egyptian writer Taha Hussein (1889 – 1973). When the urge to read takes over the interest of a person, there is no better place than a library to fulfill such a craving. It is …

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Your course has illuminated life

“THERE is no distance in love; those who love one another always meet in thoughts, even if one is in the East and the other is in the West,” Egyptian poet Mostafa Saadeq Al-Rafe’ie (1880-1937). The core principles of freedom lie on the basis that its main pillar is ‘responsible …

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Articles in the age of Twitter

“IF YOU don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed; but if you read it, you are misinformed” — American writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain (1835 — 1910). In this era of Twitter and other social media platforms, many give little interest to articles in newspapers. This is because …

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Was she having fun?

“The society of women is the foundation of good manners” — German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). Just one question led to a dialogue and then more outside-the-topic questions, eventually transforming from one question into a session of questions. This happened in a government department where I visited just …

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From Sharm el-Sheikh to Sa’saa!

WRITING about politics is disgusting and has never been encouraging. It does not promote the idea of holding a pen or pressing keyboard buttons. In view of the fact that I love literary writing and have passion for reading literary pieces through which I find satisfaction in voracious reading, I …

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Constitutional Court … and appeals! – Failure to correct error a real shame

KUWAIT is in a dire need for serious review of the structure of the parliamentary elections administration. There is no shame in committing error but the real shame is the failure to correct the error. There is a need to rectify complications in counting the votes and announcing the results …

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Fault-fishing diseases

“…argue with them in the best manner…” – Almighty Allah says in Quran 16:125 In any community, there is always a sideline of freedom which is populated by people who would fish for faults and mistakes. Such people are usually seeking fame, which is often fake and temporary. Majority of …

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