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Sunday , November 18 2018

Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

Players to panic, anxiety – Situation good despite oil dip

In one of my articles published about a year ago, I had recommended that Kuwait should suspend oil exportation for one year in order to enable the country to restructure, renovate and maintain its oil facilities. I suggested this idea because the oil price was no longer tempting, considering it …

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Napoli pizza seller – Deeds say it all

Italy is famous for its cuisine particularly its pizzas and pastas. There are thousands of restaurants in many countries around the world that serve pizza. Most of them use Italian names for marketing purposes in order to attract customers. Pizza is not only a popular meal in Italy but it …

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No sensible person seeks to wage war – When a patient man loses his temper

A plane took off from the Iranian airport heading for Dubai and some of the passengers were VIPs, members of the Saudi diplomatic mission who in direct response from the Saudi leadership took the flight to the UAE and were escorted off the plane by the Emirati officials. When the …

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Reforms to hit citizens hard – Govt must share responsibility

It is impossible for any rational mind to be distinctly convinced by irrational economic reforms, especially if the proposed reforms bear the actual impact of economic mistakes or fundamentals of the reform plans. I am talking about the recent leakage of horrific unfair recommendations by one of the committees in …

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Limits to liberalism – ‘Sharia’ red line

I respect and appreciate any person who supports or accepts liberalism or secularism, so I am not bothered as long as liberals or secularists don’t challenge the fundamentals of Sharia. I don’t oppose whatever a person believes in, but I won’t coerce myself to believe in what that person accepts …

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Sahyan and Katbi seal bonds – ‘Defend, die for principles’

They represented the ultimate values of our Islamic Gulf Society in terms of solidarity by helping the victim and protecting the nation from its enemies. They portrayed the best image of cohesion by a joint military control that went a long way to accomplish victories, as they thwarted and buried …

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Simple words of humble writer – Preface reveals book contents

In the eyes of readers a newspaper article is like a piece of fresh croissant taken with a cup of hot coffee, irrespective what the person is reading — a newspaper or an e-media. Reading the article, in which the writer has put concerted mental efforts, begin like the first …

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‘Respect opinion of others’

We have to admit that we live in a society where majority of the people do not abide by cultural values and the principle of accepting differences and varied opinions. Most of us deal with this aspect as a sign of prestige or status only. The principle of ‘Disagreements in …

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Two weeks ago in Paris

It was about 10 o’clock in the morning. I was in a taxi heading for Charles de Gaulle International Airport from my hotel in Paris to take a plane back home. On our way to the airport which is not far away from ‘Stade de France’ where the inaugural matches …

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Paris, sad piece of music – Rapid response averted calamity

Without the quick intervention of security operatives at the right time, the number of victims in the tragic Paris incident would have reached thousands because the terrorists were waiting for spectators to leave Stade de France after the football match between France and Germany game and then execute their sinful …

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