Monday , October 22 2018

Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

‘Sword is mightier than dialogue’ – Coalition advance to end standoff

When a writer decides to write an article, he prefers to cover a major incident. In this particular article, I had planned to write about the ongoing strike of the oil workers in Kuwait. However, I fear that I might not have a complete picture about this issue, especially since …

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Yemen … change towards reality – Expectations high

IT is very normal for General Ali Mohsin Saleh to be promoted as vice president of the country while he maintains his membership of the top military command, because General Ali Mohsin — popularly known as “Al-Ahmar” (The Red), is a natural extension of Yemen’s military leadership structure, given that …

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Dialogues move stagnancy…Is Kuwait governed by Islamic or man-made laws?

KUWAIT is a Muslim country that freely performs religious rituals and supports the upholding of Islamic rituals through Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. The ministry has been exerting tremendous efforts and spending huge amounts of money for ensuring professional administration and excellent management of mosques and Quran memorization centers. …

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Al-Mualim… and ‘vague’ delegation!

THE press conference organized by Syrian Foreign Affairs Minister Waleed Al-Mualim followed the usual principles, so it did not introduce anything new. The speech was the same, with repetition of lies that the government forces have taken control over all territories and repetition of the previous positions, so nothing new …

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Unnecessary govt bodies – Revert to original structure

IN THE PAST few years, we have been following up with keenness the establishment of unnecessary public authorities that are only significant in serving as offices where people can occupy positions and enjoy free prominence — deliberately or not deliberately. The fact is that huge budgets are allocated to them …

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Players to panic, anxiety – Situation good despite oil dip

In one of my articles published about a year ago, I had recommended that Kuwait should suspend oil exportation for one year in order to enable the country to restructure, renovate and maintain its oil facilities. I suggested this idea because the oil price was no longer tempting, considering it …

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Napoli pizza seller – Deeds say it all

Italy is famous for its cuisine particularly its pizzas and pastas. There are thousands of restaurants in many countries around the world that serve pizza. Most of them use Italian names for marketing purposes in order to attract customers. Pizza is not only a popular meal in Italy but it …

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No sensible person seeks to wage war – When a patient man loses his temper

A plane took off from the Iranian airport heading for Dubai and some of the passengers were VIPs, members of the Saudi diplomatic mission who in direct response from the Saudi leadership took the flight to the UAE and were escorted off the plane by the Emirati officials. When the …

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Reforms to hit citizens hard – Govt must share responsibility

It is impossible for any rational mind to be distinctly convinced by irrational economic reforms, especially if the proposed reforms bear the actual impact of economic mistakes or fundamentals of the reform plans. I am talking about the recent leakage of horrific unfair recommendations by one of the committees in …

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Limits to liberalism – ‘Sharia’ red line

I respect and appreciate any person who supports or accepts liberalism or secularism, so I am not bothered as long as liberals or secularists don’t challenge the fundamentals of Sharia. I don’t oppose whatever a person believes in, but I won’t coerce myself to believe in what that person accepts …

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