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Sunday , September 22 2019


The learned plumber – It’s a matter of survival

‘Mr. Plumber’ “What is most important; to live or pretend to have lived?” Brazilian lyricist Paulo Coelho MANY people may look down on the profession …

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Qatar the architect of its own isolation

THIS is one of the saddest days since the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was formed. I never imagined that a brotherly country, a neighbour with …

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Iran eating own poison

THROUGHOUT the past 38 years, Iran’s regime has been cooking the terrorism poison and planting it on the plates of various countries, starting with its …

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Beating about the bush

“Whoever loves a tree will love its branches” — French playwright, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, famously known by his stage name Molière (1622-1673). I do not think the …

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Haunting ghost of Tesla – ‘Hard times ahead’

The late, Khamis Najm, teacher of English at the Al-Siddiq School in the mid-1950s was making fun of us (the students) and criticizing us because …

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What about takfir, hate statements?!

OUR colleague Mubarak Habib of Al-Qabas newspaper is in charge of writing about the verdicts and decisions issued by the courts and the prosecution. He …

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The amazing American

SLOWLY, the train moved in and around Portland, Oregon, which is famous for its ethnic diversity. It slowed down and stopped at the next station …

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O Qatar … stubbornness does not pay

DESPITE all the past passive experiences with the State of Qatar and cessations of its relations with some GCC countries, they still greatly cared for …

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Qatar … arrogance kills

“CURSED is arrogance, it kills the arrogant first”, this loosely translated Arabic proverb — for decades — applies to Qatari politics, and not only in …

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Failed financial support – ‘Better vision need of hour’

Da’am in the Kuwaiti dialect means collision or crashing into or with something like in the case of two vehicles, but here it means ‘support’ …

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