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Sunday , November 18 2018


Keyboard nations wails

Few weeks ago, we saw a hashtag “Express Anger for Aleppo” on Twitter. It was preceded by several other headlines advocating support for Syria and urging for outburst, protest and fury over the atrocities against Muslims within their territories. This situation started precisely after March 15, 2011 when the people …

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To the candidates: ‘rope of lies’ short

IT IS now clear that we are heading towards an election which is different in form and substance from the previous elections. As it appears, this election is almost a referendum on efficacy of the one-vote system and its outcome on one hand, and on the other hand, the candidates …

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The need for humanity

The world having become a single global village, no country can afford to live in isolation especially after seeing what is happening around them and recognizing the global dramatic changes. This is not logical! AbdulRahim, an Afghan Muslim soldier, lost both hands after a landmine explosion which almost killed him. …

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El-Sisi … and measures on how to fish

VERY few are the medicines which do not taste bitter and they are the ones necessary for a body to recover from ailment. The pain which came with recent economic measures adopted by Egypt’s government are overdue remedial steps, given that it would have been more suitable if such steps …

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A difficult decision

Iraqi Council of Representatives announced the issuance of a law to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in Iraq. We do not want to elaborate on talking about the gravity of the decision and the mistake of issuing such a decision and the negative consequences to the security of the …

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‘Spend cash on better project’ – ‘Reforms don’t come easy’

A friend of mine who happens to be a well-known consultant doctor with a good reputation called me, saying he wanted to visit me for discussing an issue that was on his mind. I welcomed him because it was an opportunity to offer consultation to a person who usually offers consultation. …

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Opera House … some thoughts

As I was watching the televised opening ceremony of the Opera House (Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center), my mind wandered and I remembered the university project in Shadadiya particularly the continuous delay and weird problems that have been haunting this project from the beginning. Due to fire incidents in this …

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Unbeliever and ‘nice guy’

One of my friends told me that when he uttered my name in the Diwan of the ‘Wajeeh’, the owner turned away his face and labeled me as unbeliever. In response to my friend I said: the gesture of the Wajeeh and his description of me is a Legion of …

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What a beautiful red eye!

THERE IS no better way to deal with societies than implementing the law strictly and decisively. We, as a country, operate on an almost-complete constitutional system; yet our society is pervaded with corruption and mess due to one simple reason — lack of strictness and decisiveness in implementation of the …

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The unaccessible minister

I recently sent a message on the Twitter account of Ministry of Education and Higher Education, asking for an appointment to meet the minister Dr Bader Al-Essa. I wanted to present some useful ideas and suggestions directly to the minister, his deputy or any other responsible official. I used to be …

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