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Wednesday , January 29 2020


Cultural differences – ‘Kings’ at home

Umm Adel’s apartment is located on Baker Street, close to the famous Oxford Street, in the heart of London. Umm Adel is used to spending …

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Help poor patients – Donors in quandary

I, and of course the others, receive messages from people asking for material assistance to non-Kuwaiti patients, often children or poor people, who are suffering …

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Véronique Schiltz, member of the French Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres, delivered a fascinating lecture on ancient nomadic jewellery, highlighting the spirit and soul of …

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Do good ‘anyway’ – Could have done better

I take one step at a time as I approach my 80th birthday and I am happy with everything I have done or performed in my …

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‘It’s a two-way street’ – ‘Duty of oil firms’

“Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power,” American novelist Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819-1881). By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi IN MANY countries around the world, …

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Saudi Arabia, UAE single solid frontier

UNDOUBTEDLY, the Arab world needs an effective and influential power able to form a solid nucleus for facing major challenges in this sensitive stage in …

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‘We thank you all expats’ – Contributions a lot

Thank you all, we apologize to you for what some racists and ignorant people among us have against you. We shall always feel grateful and …

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Khamenei repeats Khomeini’s crime

THE supreme leader of Iran Ali Khamenei downplaying the reality of the dire situation in his country; from its destruction, to frustrate and accuse neighboring …

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Letter from a loving expatriate

ATTACKING and blaming expatriates indiscreetly and indiscriminately by regarding them as the secret behind our degradation and the vicious disorder in every sector of our …

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Happy with dream come true

In honor of the reputation of more than fifty countries, and for other reasons, the state allows the citizens of these countries to avail visas …

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