Wednesday , February 21 2018


Lift subsidies … Trust in Allah

IT IS now time for Kuwaitis to face the bitter reality. It is time for the government to stop using the tone of flattery in dealing with the worsening economic crisis that has been battering our country, just like other oil-producing countries which depended on oil as the only source …

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Cameron set good example

  LAST Monday, writing an article in The Times, British Prime Minister David Cameron stressed on the need for British Muslim women to come out of social isolation, the need to teach them the English language and address the issue of discrimination against them. Speaking to a group of Muslim …

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Persian Zar rituals cannot wipe out Mullah’s crimes

IT IS a big risk for anybody to think that lifting sanctions on Iran will make the Mullah regime change in terms of dealing with the region. This idea has been widely promoted at various levels, especially after the speech of US President Barack Obama and his signature on the …

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Obama mistake has dire repercussions

THE deed has been done. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed Iran’s compliance with its obligations under the nuclear deal, the key to the lifting of anti-Iranian sanctions. Iran’s parliamentarians are hugging one another; most US Republican lawmakers are highly sceptical if not downright enraged at what they …

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A new Iran chapter? Time will tell

  BY lifting sanctions imposed on Iran due to its nuclear program, the international community removed one of the bombs from the minefield that the Iranian regime has planted for the last 37 years. This started with the ‘export’ of revolution, followed by supporting terrorist groups and it now has …

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US playing with flames of terror

ARE the US foreign policies, issued at the beginning of the last century, suitable for the current times, considering the terrorist organizations have become the enemy who does not regard geographical boundaries and sees the entire world as its playground? This question lingers in the minds of those who have …

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Not a boycott … but a cover for terrorism

The nine parliamentarians of the same social fiber that boycotted the parliamentary session in protest against a judicial verdict clearly do not recognize the fundamental constitutional principle upon which our country stands, which is Separation of Authorities. Apparently, they are insinuating the judiciary is not independent, and they had to …

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A disciplined society is prosperous

SPAIN is still the butt of jokes over its ‘manyana’ (tomorrow) work ethic, which remains a contributing factor towards the country’s sluggish economy. Latin Americans will often say they work to live rather than live to work, which may sound like a positive philosophy until workers begin being laid-off and …

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Our money saved your neck

  IT is a shame the proponents of the interpellation request which was filed against the Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obaidi could muster only nine signatures in their bid to submit a no-confidence motion against the minister whose mistakes in the ministry have become unaffordable. It is enough to …

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