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Monday , November 19 2018


‘Learn to do your own work’ – ‘Sacrifice interests’

We along with many others have been urging the government to rationalize expenditures, reduce salaries and allowances of major state officials, cancel tenders that are not urgent, and close down inactive bodies such as the authority for revising laws. There were a number of MPs who called for increased restrictions …

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Dealing with expatriates

In recent weeks, there have been a number of strange calls in the country, led by the members of parliament and political activists, calling for mass expulsion of expatriates, and “choking” their livelihoods through measures that will squeeze their pockets. There are many who believe the population structure of the …

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Virtuous have peaceful sleep

Joe Biden is considered as a model of professional politician in the West. He started his political career at a very early age of 29 years as the Senator of Delaware State near Washington. During his time as a senator, Biden used to take the train to the Congress and …

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Sovereignty is culture not slogans

IT IS a deep-rooted perception in most Arab nations where revolutions and coups have occurred that the chief enjoys all sorts of luxury, living in palaces taken from legitimate owners. The chief asks people to be patient day and night in facing the crisis. They must stand together in confronting …

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Pragmatism name of the game – Fast-changing scenario

An American philosopher and psychologist William James (1842 – 1910) once said, “Our ideas must agree with realities, be the realities concrete or abstract”. The world has ushered in the reign of Donald Trump in the White House, from where he will lead the strongest country in the world. This …

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Need green areas to breathe

Al-Seyassah daily published an article written by our friend (the gentleman) Fahd Al-Me’ejel in which he requested HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who’s the most outstanding personality in Kuwait, to intervene and prevent the transformation of the old Ministry of Public Works premises in Mirqab (Kuwait City) …

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Not welcome!

FOLLOWING the imminent defeat of DAESH in Iraq, which is just around the corner, the next step will be to evacuate DAESH members from the land of Syria, which they have contaminated with their gruesome crimes. They took pride over these crimes and openly broadcasted them on social media with …

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Gas stations and Failaka (II)

Failaka Island used to supply Kuwait with required quantity of vegetables, when it caught the eyes of archaeologists who were searching for ancient monuments. Danish archaeologists were the first to come to Failaka in 1958 for carrying out excavations. It is said that Carlsberg Company, owner of the well-known beer …

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‘Brotherhood’ and Mulla’s patron exits the White House

On Friday, Jan 20, President of the United States of America Barack Obama will exit the White House, leaving behind his country’s miserable legacy in the Middle East. Despite his policies throughout his eight-year term in the office and even though the stakes on the new US administration are not …

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The roots of terrorism

There is a saying by Alija Izetbegoviç which goes like this — “Do not kill mosquitoes, but dry the swamps”. Our societies today are injected with terrorism. The intelligence is tremendously working on planting a bomb in each and every house and forcing us to wrap explosive belts around our …

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