Wednesday , December 13 2017


Time for moderates to become ‘extreme’

Egyptian director Marwan Hamed made an international splash in 2006 with his Cairo-set “The Yacoubian Building,” which fearlessly broke Arab cinema taboos in the way it depicted homosexuality, Islamic fundamentalism and government corruption. More recently his “The Blue Elephant,” a thriller with supernatural elements, broke Arab box office records. He …

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Agree not to ‘lose’ Syria

AS the Syrian crisis drags the country into the sixth year of uncertainty the unfortunate citizens of this country have no other option but to opt for a political solution because the country has seen enough of murders, massacres, displacement and destruction of towns, cities and even villages. To add …

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Murderers not Muslims, Mr Trump

DONALD Trump, your knee-jerk reaction to the murdering scum, who slaughtered innocent people in Paris and Brussels, while understandable, has little basis in fact, while your proposals risk eliciting the opposite effect to its intended purpose. You have reiterated your call to bar Muslims from entering the US and say …

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Lebanon’s insolvency party

IT looks like the Lebanese are destined to come out of the tunnel which was dug for them by ‘Hezbollah’ but fall into another ditch because this ‘terrorist’ party is determined to destroy the country’s institutions. Apparently, this supreme soldier who is hoping to become the Murshid of the Lebanese …

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Jolie & the queen

THE noted Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, married to the Hollywood superstar ‘Brad Pitt’, last week left behind her blond husband and her six children — one of them a Syrian, adopted just recently — to visit Lebanon on the fifth anniversary of the Syrian crisis to get first hand information …

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Country of the future – Invest in world of food, water

PART of success lies in preparing for the worst and the ability to think in advance, which makes it possible for the future to be visualized according to expectations based on scientific, economic and political studies. If education and health are the needs of an ordinary citizen, then planning, politics …

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Up security sweeps against law violators

Arab Times March 13’s issue carried the following piece of interesting news: “in less than 10 minutes, the Friday Market, which normally attracts crowds of shoppers from ‘dawn to dusk’ wore an abandoned look this weekend.” The reason behind the abandonment of the Friday market was due to a surprise …

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Your Highness … this is not the way to go

YOUR Highness Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, it is not a secret that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an economic locomotive not only for Arabs in general, but also for GCC countries in particular. Accordingly, anything that happens in the Kingdom directly affects the Gulf and …

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Obama deserves Mullah ‘Award … for Terrorism’

  WE do not need to go through what Jeffrey Goldberg has published about the ‘Obama creed’ to understand what the US president — who is spending his last year at the White House — thinks. We understood his corrupt dogma from the stand he has taken and the speeches …

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