Thursday , September 20 2018


MP road to chaos

VAIN and self-serving MPs are taking the country back to the days of aggravations, after disappointing the aspirations of the people of Kuwait by returning to their disharmonious and malicious interpellation rhetoric. It is evident that those returning from their political boycott have not learnt from the past experience and …

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Tackling poverty burning issue

IT IS a great shame that advocates for almost 1.3 billion of the world’s population suffering from extreme poverty often meet with deaf ears. There is much ado about terrorism, and rightly so, but the fact is that poverty-related factors claim many more lives. Half the world’s population lives under …

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Difficult life of a refugee – Adventure ends in uncertainty

While I was in a train heading to Salzburg City from Innsbruck, the fact that the cold weather was quite intense was evident from the faces of other passengers. I sat next to the window and my eyes were fixed on the spectacular snowfall outside. Every snowflake was a testament …

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‘Privatization right solution’ – ‘Shun Stone Age, go for stars’

When I wanted to receive a reply to my letter on the same day when I was working in the UK, I was eager to post the letter in the box before nine in the morning and the reply would come to me before five in the evening. I do …

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Ports at point of no return – ‘Save what we can’

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote in October 2003, under the title, ‘Will Sheikh Sabah Al-Ali resign? After I read what was published by the Al-Qabas newspaper on its front page on September 24 and the continuation on another page, was about the unfortunate, terrifying tragic facts …

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Iran’s empty threats

EVERY dawn for the last 38 years, leaders of the Tehran regime have been issuing threats about Iran’s horrific and devastating response if the United States of America takes any disciplinary measures against it. However, such intimidations were quickly forgotten and the embargo on Iran became more severe. Lately, this …

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Tearful aspects of Kuwait corruption

WITH Kuwait reaching the bottom of the corruption list in the Gulf region and falling by 20 points in the global corruption index, I believe we, especially the decision makers, should feel a bit ashamed. However, we are daily witnessing the contrary in the newspapers, as our officials in government …

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President Trump readjusts compass in US

PRESIDENT of the United States of America Donald Trump has readjusted the compass, turning it towards the actual manufacturer of terrorism — the Iranian regime. After eight years of the presidential tenure of his predecessor Barack Obama, who had adopted the style of stalling, giving opportunities to terrorism and abandoning …

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‘Cats’ breath of fresh air – Gift in times of stress

When I lived in London I had the pleasure of attending the first show of the universal musical ‘Cats’ which will run for four days from Feb 9 to 12, at the Opera House in Kuwait. Since I will be outside the country, I will miss the opportunity to watch …

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Poet called ‘Two Masters’

Prominent Kuwaiti poet Mullah Abdeen Baqer, a.k.a. ‘Two Masters’ because he mastered Arabic and Persian, jokingly recited ‘Grapico blackino after greyano and sweetano, and after ripanio sourano”. Of course this means nothing either in Arabic or Persian but he wanted to say was ‘Grapes turned from green to black and …

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