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Wednesday , July 24 2019


Matchlocks & miquelets … rifling through history

Dr Tim Stanley, senior curator for the Middle Eastern collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, shed light on the technology, status and …

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Sinai recovering from IS terrorism

THE campaign to root out terrorism in Sinai Peninsula is synchronized with Egyptian timings and its domestic considerations; hence, when the time approached, Egypt’s forces …

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Saudi leaders, beware of those who ‘seek to make it crooked’

MEMBERS of a secret organization ambushed the convoy of the spiritual father of the Fifth Republic of France, Charles de Gaulle, in an attempt to …

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No chink in ties

THE two countries forming the solid backbone of our region in turmoil are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, whose leaders …

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Iran’s year of change

IT IS now clear that the death of the Mullah regime in Iran is approaching after the return of demonstrations on the streets in Iranian …

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Our Red Crescent illuminates the sky of Philippines

WHEN Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte decided to hurl waves of criticism at Kuwait, its government and people for their negligence — as he put it …

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Driver in the 1st vehicle guilty in 4-car accident

FOUR cars got into an accident … How do you solve it? Who is responsible? Let us say you were driving on the highway when …

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All life matters – ‘OUR PLANET … THEIRS TOO’

The newly-established Kuwait Liberal Society held its first official event, an expertly-organised and well-attended seminar on animal rights titled “Our Planet, Theirs Too.” Held in …

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Kuwait eGov: 24 Years Later

The Kuwait Knowledge Economy Forum Feb 7-8 is focused on the theme “Government Knowledge”. Some would say that such a theme is an oxymoron. However, …

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Fear of books from sane, naive censor – ‘Sales jump’

The owner of a bookstore recently told that the sales of books has fallen to a point, that he is now contemplating of getting rid …

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