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Prince Mohammad, your grandfather started in Kuwait and from then began a mutual destiny

WELCOME to the country where your grandfather began his journey that unified a great country – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a vast peninsula. Welcome …

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Need to amend Law No. 68/2015 to protect household workers

The Domestic Labor Law failed to protect the rights of domestic workers despite the fact that this is the latest law issued to regulate household …

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Your reputation witnesses against you

A MEMBER of one of the biggest radical movements in the Arab world sadly keeps on repeating at every occasion that the local bloc to …

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How Sheikh Zayed spoke

IT HAS been narrated that the minister of justice during the foundation of the United Arab Emirates went to its founder – the late Sheikh …

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Tehran tasting its own poison

UNDOUBTEDLY, the phrase, “taste of your own poison,” totally applies to the Mullah regime which is known as the master chef of terrorism poison in …

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Darwin & the great scientists

A few years ago, many people including me were confused and mixed human evolution with theories that interpret evolution. Evolution encompasses all living things, and …

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Islamists between two ages

“Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnels.”              – John Quinton By …

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Arab Alliance is self defense

IT HAS become crystal clear that the decision-making kitchen in Iran excels in estimating the ingredients, such that the poison it cooks backfires on it. …

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Save your people the burden and troubles of traveling

THE fundamentalist activists among MPs and other tailors of ‘fatwas’, as well as extremists of repulsive eclecticism, have given us headache for days – as …

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‘Time to end differences’

‘Start building’ Mustafa Rashed says he lived for a long time in Al-Azhar, studying, learning and teaching Islamic sciences, and that he and others had …

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