Saturday , September 22 2018


Where do jihadists go now? – Radicalism fails to die

Many might find this question weird but what will those involved in armed organizations or the returnees from the war zone or even those who supported a particular faction do when circumstances change and the war ends? What will the “jihadists” do after the war? What will be the level …

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True press vs Iran Goebbelsian press

THE facts presented to the Arab and Islamic public by the adviser to Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister and the official spokesperson of the Saudi-led coalition forces Major General Ahmad Assiri consisted of fulfilling answers to the questions posed by people several months ago. These questions mainly focused on the timeline …

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Going down the history pathway

A friend of mine invited me to a family event held in a hotel off the Dead Sea and extended our stay to nine days. The weather was excellent as we toured Petra and Amman enjoying the exceptional Jordanian hospitality. The tour of Petra was amazing, as we traveled the magical …

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MPs disguise with chastity

PRETENDING to be chaste does not imply protection of honor. Pretending to be pious does not make a person a believer. The victim’s blood on the hands of a criminal can never be cleaned off completely despite maintaining his innocence. This applies to some MPs who have been practicing the …

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And the push goes on – Taking it sitting down

I was a little over ten years old when I heard about the Balfour Declaration from our Palestinian teacher. It was in the mid-1950s when I was a student of the Al-Sabah Elementary School. It is 100 years ago Britain sympathized with the Zionist aspirations and made a promise to …

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‘Politics not main feature’

One of my friends recounted a seminar he attended lately, which had a glamorous title and delved into political issues. I will not be surprised to find politics in the list of options for any given meal or cooking program, because everything is politicized these days! The title of the …

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Axing our own feet?

A church pastor in a small American town was taken by surprise when he discovered some people in the community were planning to construct a liquor bar in front of his church. He immediately approached the concerned authorities with a request to stop the construction but the latter found no …

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We share your pain

EGYPTIAN Copts, native Egyptians, we share your pain. Your pain is our pain; your blood and our blood are sacred to every Muslim who believes in One Creator and is innocent of all the reckless evil crimes committed under religious pretext by people who have been brainwashed to think their …

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‘Egypt will stay as one’ – ‘Terrorists to fail’

First and foremost, I offer my condolences to our brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, its leadership and people. I pray to the Almighty Allah to have mercy on the souls of the victims and to provide patience and solace to the bereaved families. It is certain without any …

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O head of authorities, destiny is calling … take appropriate decisions and move on

IN times of major crises and tribulations that threaten the destiny of a state, democracy becomes a luxury. This is because the devil of betrayal and interests is found in the details of the argument which had brought down the Byzantine rule. It is completely irrational for countries to bicker …

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