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Friday , November 16 2018


O’ Sheikh Salman … Where are you? – Previous airport administration failed

IT WILL take time to complete the new passenger terminal project at Kuwait International Airport. Until then, millions of passengers must endure the present miserable conditions of the airport, especially the issue of malfunctioning toilets. The toilets in service are not even enough for employees of the airport, not to …

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Parties encouraged to initially litigate disputes through ADR – Kuwait arbitration centers increasing their ability to effectively manage and resolve disputes

The expansion and globalization of cross-border investment and trade has led to increased relationships between foreign entities. Inevitably, many of these relationships break down. Whether on a small or large scale, parties should consider the best means of resolving disputes at the onset of the relationship. Even if the parties …

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Al-Nafisi and Al-Rabe’e

ABDULLAH Al-Nafisi holds many titles, including the political analyst, former MP, former academic and university professor, outstanding writer, debater and media figure. He also has a large following that hold his theories and thoughts in high esteem. He is somehow liken to the fortune tellers who are usually interviewed on …

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Cup of coffee… & “Taha Hussein”

 ‘Best place on earth is a floating saddle; and the best companionship is a book’ – Egyptian writer Taha Hussein (1889 – 1973). When the urge to read takes over the interest of a person, there is no better place than a library to fulfill such a craving. It is …

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Who hangs the bell?

SOME people believe that I am fond of criticizing specific positions and statements of a specific group of clerics. This is probably true, and I will not deny it. The truth will be known in the last part of the article. In a TV advert, the advertiser raised the issue …

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Thank you Trump

THE President of the United States of America Donald Trump, while addressing the Arab-Islamic-American Summit, expressed a balanced perspective and profound understanding of Islam. He affirmed, “The conflict with terrorists who worship death and not Allah is not a conflict between religions, but the conflict between good and evil”. President …

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No, Your Highness the PM

IN HIS recent and only television interview, HH the Prime Minister said the questionnaires showed that the housing issue is a priority for citizens, and consequently, for the MPs. He believes security should be the first priority pointing out that when security is settled, production increases and the rest of …

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Trump … welcome to the country of determination and hope

WELCOME, the United States of America! Welcome, the US President Donald Trump to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — the gate to this region and the Arab and Islamic worlds. With the new American president’s first overseas trip starting with Saudi Arabia, there are many issues that we ought to …

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Past lessons with 2017 horizon

“NATIONAL HARMONY” – is it an exceptional necessity or one of the ingredients for continued cooperation and coexistence among the people of a country? This term has been widely used in the recent years. It has emerged as the core concept in many countries worldwide. To some, the concept of …

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Your course has illuminated life

“THERE is no distance in love; those who love one another always meet in thoughts, even if one is in the East and the other is in the West,” Egyptian poet Mostafa Saadeq Al-Rafe’ie (1880-1937). The core principles of freedom lie on the basis that its main pillar is ‘responsible …

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