Saturday , March 24 2018


Political slogans will no longer change us

JUST after one of them registered his name on the list of election nominees, we started hearing waves of campaign promises, starting from organizing traffic movement to reducing traffic fines, increasing subsidized foodstuff, continuation of grants and allowances, and perhaps, lifting subsidies. The campaign promises went to the extent of …

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State, people for ‘one vote’ system

MAKING unnecessary noise or fake promises or echoing slogans to entice voters as part of political acting at their expense just to reach the Parliament are no longer useful. This is the sad truth that opposition figures rushing to contest the elections must know very well so they could abandon …

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Bringing the best of America to Kuwait

I AM thrilled to be launching the fourth annual Discover America Week, which kicked off Sunday. Between Oct 23 and Nov 3, the Embassy will present events highlighting the best of the United States, including music, film, food, sports, automobiles, education and tourism. There will be special offers at American …

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Fraudsters’ concealed agendas exposed … battleground is here

UNDOUBTEDLY, the coming election will be different from the previous one in terms of formation and context, because the changes that occurred in the last four years have put every issue into perspective especially with regard to populace representation. Every politician now realizes the size of his representation without any …

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A fiery speech from field King

IT IS NOT strange for King Mohammed VI to direct, in his speeches, sharp criticisms at central interests and different constituents in the administratively decentralized system in case of failure to perform their duties. This is why his speech during the opening of the parliamentary term was fiery and distinct. …

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Politics minefield of risks – ‘Public opinion biggest lie’

Abdulrahman Al-Kawakebi once said, “Advice is nonsense if it is not accepted by ears that are looking forward to listening”. A politician is often suspected and accused of corruption. This is a common viewpoint about a politician. Every politician has to have a unique point of view. He has to …

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Lesser of ‘two evils’, but who would dare?

THE recent drug bust, which led to discovery of the narcotics business of an art producer and his stock of hundreds of deadly chemical substances, warrants gratitude and appreciation for the Interior Ministry, its minister, undersecretary and the entire police force. However, as we said in previous occasions, the international …

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‘A united GCC can only stand winds of change’ – ‘Shun disputes if any’

After the withdrawal of British colonial administration from the Arabian Gulf, there was political and security vacuum in the Gulf and it was feared that it will be filled through one of two regional powers at the time — Iraq and Iran. This led to the establishment of the Gulf …

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Ingratitude is Kuwait’s glitch … rescue us O Amir

O HH the Prime Minister, question: Are the owners of palaces and beautiful villas with private gardens in Abdullah Salem, Yarmouk, Qurtobah and other areas unable to pay their electricity and water bills due to their consumption of tons of kilowatts and thousands of liters? Is an owner of a …

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