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Thursday , November 15 2018


Qatar … your true friend is the sincere one

THERE are times when some people inflate their nationalistic ego to the point of seeing their country, despite its actual size, population and capabilities, as a major country. This was the prevailing norm in Kuwait prior to Aug 1990. Back then, we used to consider our country as a major …

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‘Let’s work for progress’

The universities in America, Canada, the Central American republics and the Philippines celebrate the graduation of a new batch of students and assign one of the graduates to give a farewell speech to the teaching staff, colleagues, parents and friends before they receive the graduation certificates and move forward in …

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Believers … ‘infidels’

RECENTLY, some believers among Egyptian youths killed more than 40 people, majority of them were children and women; whereas the number of injured doubled the number of those murdered in the early days of the month of Ramadan. At the end of the massacre, the believers among Egyptian youths left …

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Solace found in West – Why go to ‘unbelievers’ ?

This article is an extract from an article written by the Syrian colleague Mohammad Al-Bawadi and posted on the Phoenix website. Many people, intelligent, ignorant or ordinary, say the same thing about us being backward. They say the reason is we are nowhere near Islam. However, did Japan, the United …

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Peacekeeping must adapt to new reality

When I entered the United Nations Secretariat building for the first time as Secretary-General in January, my first act was to lay a wreath honoring more than 3,500 United Nations staff who died in the service of peace. Later that same week, two Blue Helmets were killed in the Central …

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Unjustified decision

THE Ministry of Interior took a dramatic decision concerning the non-renewal of family visas for the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of expatriates residing in Kuwait.  The decision limited issuance of family visit visa to the wife and children. A security source disclosed the relevant official bodies in the six …

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Egypt strikes ‘terror nests’

EVERYONE in the Arab world knows the real objective behind the massacre carried out by terrorists against the Egyptian Copts. It was aimed at expelling Christians from Egypt, either through intimidation and threat, or by pushing the country into religious sedition and eventually plunging it into a civil war. This …

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The three stations!

THE first station – When Abdul Fattah el-Sisi received power after the revolution that had rescued Egypt and the region from the evil of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, the media declared that an Egyptian officer had invented a machine that can treat Hepatitis C and AIDS as well as other …

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Qatar it’s time for the ‘truth’

MISTAKEN is the one who portrays the relations between Qatar and other Gulf states to be based only on political and economic interests. The truth is these relations are primarily based on kinship, alliance and mutual destiny. In fact, this is the case with every Gulf nation. This is why …

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O’ Sheikh Salman … Where are you? – Previous airport administration failed

IT WILL take time to complete the new passenger terminal project at Kuwait International Airport. Until then, millions of passengers must endure the present miserable conditions of the airport, especially the issue of malfunctioning toilets. The toilets in service are not even enough for employees of the airport, not to …

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