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Thursday , November 15 2018


Haunting ghost of Tesla – ‘Hard times ahead’

The late, Khamis Najm, teacher of English at the Al-Siddiq School in the mid-1950s was making fun of us (the students) and criticizing us because of our laziness and our neglectful attitude. He always said a day will come and Kuwait will run dry of oil and wondered what would …

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What about takfir, hate statements?!

OUR colleague Mubarak Habib of Al-Qabas newspaper is in charge of writing about the verdicts and decisions issued by the courts and the prosecution. He works with tremendous energy and great vigor as well as with clear awareness of the legal and constitutional aspects. Being a lawyer and follower of …

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The amazing American

SLOWLY, the train moved in and around Portland, Oregon, which is famous for its ethnic diversity. It slowed down and stopped at the next station and two girls entered one of the compartments. Their appearance and the veil which one of them wore clearly show they were Muslims. All of …

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O Qatar … stubbornness does not pay

DESPITE all the past passive experiences with the State of Qatar and cessations of its relations with some GCC countries, they still greatly cared for Qatar. This is because Qatar, at the end of it all, is one of the GCC pillars, and the builders are not keen about weakening …

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Qatar … arrogance kills

“CURSED is arrogance, it kills the arrogant first”, this loosely translated Arabic proverb — for decades — applies to Qatari politics, and not only in its recent crisis that ended with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain closing their borders and airspace, and severing diplomatic relations …

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Failed financial support – ‘Better vision need of hour’

Da’am in the Kuwaiti dialect means collision or crashing into or with something like in the case of two vehicles, but here it means ‘support’ when translated to English. Financial da’am ‘support’ is expression meaning money earned by those who choose to work in the private sector, instead of the …

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In order for Qatar not to fall into the evil of its adventure

WHEN the United Arab Emirates (UAE) declared unity on Dec 2, 1971; Ra’as Al-Khaima remained outside the union. However, it decided to join the newborn country seven months later due to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Today, after 46 years, we see the successful example of UAE that is considered …

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The five senses asking me

Memories are beyond will power; above the heart, and above emotions. That is why they are unforgettable, Mark Twain (1835-1910). Few days ago, I was late for a routine appointment, and the thought of being late was disturbing, embarrassing, and unacceptable. As I was heading to my destination, I encountered …

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‘Bye bye free trade zone’ – ‘Sultan brainchild in disarray’

I am sure the late Jamil Al-Sultan who died of severe illness left this world with a pang in his heart because of the several government decisions which affected his dreams and his projects and one of them was the Free Zone which was confiscated from the national company he owned. …

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Muhammad the VI, King of Stability

WHEN international institutions advise African nations to take a cue from the Moroccan experience in the fields of economic and industrial diversification, it requires deep thought because a country regarded as developing was able to take a giant stride within a decade. The achievement was made possible due to the …

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