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Tuesday , December 11 2018


Discriminative embarrassing law

ONE of many amendments to the Kuwaiti Citizenship Law was issued during the term of one of our Parliaments which went and will never be missed. According to that embarrassing uncivilized amendment, it is not allowed to grant Kuwaiti citizenship to anyone except a ‘Muslim’. This amendment, which was promoted …

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‘More than oil & dollars’

In his book ‘The Gulf Moment in Contemporary Arab History’, the Emirati academic Abdul Khaliq Abdullah says: “No observer will search for anything in the current Arab reality in terms of playing the fundamental role to determine the fate and pathways of the countries of the region after the epicenter …

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History and our ‘Iron Man’

The Ironman Triathlon, organized by World Triathlon Corporation consists of swimming, biking, hiking without breaks, is one of the most challenging world-class sporting event that requires great physical energy to win the race and win the title of “Iron Man” and men are few. This tournament dates back to 1978, …

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World isolates arrogant ‘plague’ Tehran

FOR Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to announce that his country “will breach the American sanctions and sell oil” — the first reaction after the sanctions on Iran took effect yesterday, means only one thing, that is, his announcement is for local consumption only. These are exactly the same as the …

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‘Cannot continue for long’

The government complains of clear lack of understanding about the philosophy of taxation and does not wish to prejudice the disbursement of wealth to support food, construction and other issues. Taxation has always been looked upon as rationalization and has an important moral and developmental aspect. There is no country …

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Sana’a is indispensable no matter how long the war lasts

THE new sanctions imposed by the United States of America on the Iranian regime take effect today. The main objective is to prevent Iran from meddling in the domestic affairs of neighboring countries and perpetrating terrorism under the ‘revolution export’ slogan. This coincides with the quick action in war operations …

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November 4 … and the voice of mind

 ‘The more aware a person is, the more responsible he is” – Ali Shari’ati. Severe sanctions have now been imposed on Iran. The time is up for predictions and enquiries. The sanctions have become a reality and it should be dealt with as it is. The matter is not a …

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Is it time to disbelieve?

I believe that a majority of the people who are loyal to this beautiful country have shown mixed feelings towards our democracy, especially what has happened over the past few days and last Tuesday’s events inside the National Assembly. They were saddened by the stands adopted by the Council of Ministers …

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‘Realistic solutions’ for Palestinian case

PERHAPS, the clearest summary which could capture the Arab condition that started with the Palestinian case is what former German foreign minister Sigmar Hartmut Gabriel said in July last year during his visit to Qatar’s capital, Doha. At the time, Sigmar pointed out, “The Arab world constitutes five percent of …

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If ignorance were a man I would have killed him

MAY the pious Imam of the fourth caliphate Ali bin Abi Taleb (may Allah be pleased with him) forgive me for borrowing his eternal saying: “If poverty were a man, I would have killed him.” I would have said to him: “Poverty in my rich country is no longer a …

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