Saturday , September 22 2018


Tolerance and coexistence vs bigotry and extremism

THANK God, the visit of the Coptic Pope Tawadros II to Kuwait at the invitation of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah was very successful. The people of Kuwait proved what they are made of and that Kuwait is truly a tolerant and coexistent country. This was …

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Constitutional Court … and appeals! – Failure to correct error a real shame

KUWAIT is in a dire need for serious review of the structure of the parliamentary elections administration. There is no shame in committing error but the real shame is the failure to correct the error. There is a need to rectify complications in counting the votes and announcing the results …

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‘The Devil’s Horse’ – Cheap mode of public transport

Bicycle is a cheap mode of public transportation especially in poor countries. It has recently become fashionable and a sport in advanced countries, and is considered as an ideal way to traverse through crowded cities. It also symbolizes the need to save the environment. More than one billion and 200 …

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May cauterization be the last remedy O His Highness

IT IS the right of Minister of Finance, who is responsible for the state’s finances, to express his fears concerning how far matters will reach if the situation remains the same in terms of political and economic negligence. Such a negligence caused by wrong parliamentary methods are based on showing …

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Social media monitored for misuse, criminal activity – Violators face imprisonment, fine

The past 5 years social media has become one of Kuwait’s top news sources, a fast and an easy way to communicate and reach others, and a neutral space to express thoughts and viewpoints. As the dependency on social media grows, the amount of people convicted for crimes committed on …

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We are the easy target – Our countries have seeds of corruption

Yuri Bezmenov is regarded as one of the most famous intelligence agents of the Soviet Union who eventually defected to the West. He was born in Moscow where he studied the Eastern languages and then worked as a translator for a Soviet economical aid group in India. When he discovered …

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Israeli ‘Brotherhood’ and Egypt the victim

THERE is an international agreement for fighting terrorism and drying up its financial sources. Even Israel, which is practicing a system of various standards, has declared its commitment to this agreement. Nonetheless, it is known through leaked documents by various non-Arab bodies about an indirect cooperation between the Muslim Brotherhood …

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France … Presidential elections & variations

OUTCOME of the first round of French presidential elections has affirmed that change in status quo will happen at the party and leadership levels regardless of the result of the second round on May 7. Candidates who will vie in the second round are far-rightist Marine Le Pen and moderate …

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Fault-fishing diseases

“…argue with them in the best manner…” – Almighty Allah says in Quran 16:125 In any community, there is always a sideline of freedom which is populated by people who would fish for faults and mistakes. Such people are usually seeking fame, which is often fake and temporary. Majority of …

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The gagging machine – Authority fails to achieve goals

SIX years ago the government established the Public Authority for Caring and Printing and Publication of the Holy Quran, Sunna and their Sciences. Since everyone has several copies of the Holy Quran, and the Kuwaiti market is basically small, the distribution should have been diverted to foreign countries. However, many …

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