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We copy others’ music – 2

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf I ADMIT that I was surprised by the size and quality of interest and reaction to my article ‘We copy music from others’  related …

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Warsaw fixing mistakes of Guadeloupe meeting by toppling Mullah regime

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times THE distance between Guadeloupe Islands in the Caribbean and Poland’s capital – Warsaw – is 8,000 kms; while the …

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Why I admire Trump

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Despite Donald Trump’s presidency having been weighted down by controversy, it is undeniable that he has delivered on most of his …

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Where everyone does whatever they want!!?

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli IN THE seventies, we enjoyed watching the comedy series of Duraid Lahham in the role of Ghawwar, and other Syrian comedians. The …

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Pastors & Muslim scholars

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Women historically have had inferior status in different ages and times, and this inferiority has been consecrated in different faiths with slight differences between …

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40 years of dancing on Iranian corpses

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times THE regime in Tehran is commemorating the 40th anniversary of toppling the Shah. This is happening at a time …

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State, govt and the deputy

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Kuwait was founded about 300 years ago but got its independence from Britain in 1961. Since then, its leaders have made a lot of …

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‘We copy the music of others’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf The song ‘Ya Musafer Wahdak’ is one of the most beautiful tunes of the eminent Egyptian musician Mohammad Abdel Wahab, or this is what …

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Don Quixotic and ineffective Tehran

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times WE heard the speech that Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khomaini delivered to the Iranian Army officials a few days …

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Rule of ‘Yobbos’ burns Lebanese

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times TWO days ago, Lebanon woke up to a horrific scene. A Lebanese man burned himself in front of his …

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