Wednesday , February 21 2018


Philosophy of faith

“RELIGION is an infinite consciousness” — Max Muller. I read some excerpts of an article on certain types of human behavior. The purpose of research therein was the essence of behavior in the ancient Al-Rafideen civilization (ancient Iraq). Human behavior, since the inception of caliphate era, has been leaning towards …

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Why you should not invest in Iran

IRAN’S President Hassan Rouhani is on a drive to attract foreign investment, which he believes is essential for economic health and job creation in a country where more than one in four young people are unemployed. Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce is going all out to woo managers of foreign sovereign …

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Rains talk of the town

ALLAH the Almighty says in chapter 51:22 of the Holy Qu’ran “In the heavens are your provisions and whatever you are promised.” Rain has many meanings in the life of the people living in the desert. It’s the time when barren land becomes green and pasture for the livestock remain …

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People in religion of their government

THE sudden rush against our brothers in humanity — expatriates — is unjustifiable, especially due to its sudden surprising emergence without prior warning. These three million people did not come to this country in a day or under a thick layer of darkness such that we just opened our eyes …

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‘Impossible to stop time’

Years, months and days go by, the Earth rotates, and humans remain ignorant. Life evolves and man revolves around himself, and he’s ignorant of the direction the compass is leading him! Every now and then, man does not pay attention to his health. Many people, including the writer, deem regular …

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Tangiers ‘first’ Moroccan rain

THE industrial city of Tangiers (Tanja city of Morocco) represents the first drop of the rain of development which, without any doubt, will spread throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. This development comes after the Moroccan King Muhammad VI spent years gathering every component needed for ensuring new growth, either through …

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The Palestinian teacher – Motivation breeds success

I have received several replies to my earlier article which I wrote under the title ‘Farcical …’, particularly the last paragraph. Most of these replies are negative and I understand the feelings of the readers. I have also received some positive replies and the one which touched me is the …

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Miracle in Municipality – ‘Graft to end’

I accepted the invitation from Engineer Ahmad Al-Manfouhi to attend a lecture on ‘The New Municipality’ with sisters and brothers of those who were interested in public affairs. What we saw on the screen and we what we heard from senior Municipal officials was strange. However it was a source …

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Story of politics

The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning” — American politician and statesman Adlai Ewing Stevenson II (1900-1965). A few days ago, the ongoing political crisis between Turkey and Netherlands dominated the headlines around the world especially after Netherlands …

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