Sunday , September 23 2018


Houthi gambling era ends

WITH the assassination of Ali Abdullah Saleh, they opened the gates to hell with their own hands. They started digging their graves with the illusion of controlling — a desire far bigger than their dreams. The fall of the Houthis was expected since the start of the coalition as their …

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Bahrain remains land of eternity, life

  TALKS about the Kingdom of Bahrain can be about its special concept and nature. When we talk about that country as a concept, we are referring to its civilization that is rooted in history, and its presence not only on the regional level but throughout the Arab world due …

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Arab no to Judaize Palestine

DESPITE 70 years of Arab–Israeli conflict, Arabs continue to fail in terms of learning from the past. Instead of grasping and employing opportunities for their case, they resort to shooting their feet. Based on that, the Palestinian authority refuses to receive Vice-President of the United States of America Mike Pence …

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‘Checks will help you not fall prey to impersonation’

Checking your personal record in court should not be taken lightly. In a world driven by technology, new methods emerge through technology to commit crimes – impersonating someone is the worst that could happen to a person especially if the impersonation leads to an accusation. How does someone know if …

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A good terrorist one who is dead

BRITISH Secretary of State for Defense Gavin Williamson said a few days ago, “Britons who fought for the so-called Islamic State (DAESH) abroad should be hunted down and killed to ensure they never return to the United Kingdom.” Williamson added, “Simply, a dead terrorist cannot cause any harm to Britain,” …

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On Monday, December 4, Al Sadu Society held an exhibition and presentation titled ‘Sadu in Contemporary Vision’ by Dr Zainab Al Ibrahim at Sadu House. Dr Al Ibrahim has made a mark as the first Kuwaiti to pursue doctorate studies in the philosophy of textile art. She has had numerous …

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Open government

FOR the first time since a quarter of century ago, Kuwait has acquired for itself a Cabinet formation which is free from partisanship. As it appears in the nature of ministerial portfolio distribution, the new Cabinet team is cohesive — something that has been missing in the country over the …

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Disputed decision

It is like a folk song that commiserates the current condition. The Kuwaiti government has just announced the formation of its Cabinet one month after its resignation, as if it was challenging the Parliament. The regional situation is amusing and sad at the same time, the enemy who was fighting …

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When the heart sees blind without borders

One perk of my job is getting to meet some extraordinary people — people with gumption, people with remarkable life force, people who are optimistic in the face of insurmountable odds, people who believe that life is a celebration despite the setbacks and pain. Twenty-three-year-old Ahmad Al Bahar, a senior …

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Stones and stanzas – Pre-Islamic poetry … a step back from ‘ignorance’

Keeping up with the spirit of scientific and intellectual enlightenment, Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre hosted Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at Sana’a University Dr Yousef Mohammed Abdullah who addressed the subject of pre-Islamic poetry. Talking to a concerned crowd last Monday night, Dr Yousef …

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