Wednesday , December 13 2017


Nation stuck in trivialities – ‘Development scarce’

Some time ago, the Court of Appeals in Mauritania sentenced to death writer Mohammad Ould Omekhetir, on charges of apostasy, after he was arrested for publishing an article in which he talked about the facts back to the era of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but the Supreme Court overturned the …

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Children of Zayed, I salute you

I am writing to you from the skies, aboard an airplane, headed for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — the pioneering emirates. I would have sent formal messages of gratitude and appreciation, if possible, in response to the countless greetings and well-wishes Kuwaitis received on mobile phones in the dawn …

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This is our Gulf

THE Arabian Gulf, with its people and its leaders, intuitively manifest union of statehood beyond the concept of nationality, which has been based on brotherhood, dating back to hundreds of years, from the north bank of the Arabian Peninsula to the Hormuz Strait. Therefore, when the United Arab Emirates (UAE) …

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Graphite pencil, rubber trees

Almost all people of the earth irrespective of what they know work in harmony to benefit or get benefit.  This harmony or what we call accidental coordination is often represented mainly in industries which require material which more often than not is available in one particular state. If we take …

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Muhammad bin Zayed’s gathering: transparency of the ruler and the ruled

EVERY Monday, Abu Dhabi and other emirates apply the open-door policy of transparency, which brings down the barriers between the ruler and the ruled. On Mondays, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of United Arab Emirates Armed Forces Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed holds his gathering (majlis) …

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Demise of a ‘legendary’ fundamentalist terrorist

ONE of the senior fundamentalist extremists, who tempted Kuwait through political naturalization, commiserated the death of a senior symbol of terrorism in the world Omar Abdulrahman. Abdulrahman, who spent almost a quarter of a century in the jails of the United States of America for his participation in instigation and …

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Destructionists … not MPs

NINETY days of the life of the current National Assembly have passed but all we have witnessed so far are aggravations, interpellations and a flood of parliamentary questions for the ministers and their head. In these past ninety days, no achievement in terms of legislation has become recorded by the …

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Establishing social clubs in each area need of the hour – If we want this country to survive

Saud Al Arfaj

I suggest the need of the hour is the establishment of social clubs in each area similar to the cooperative societies. Each club may comprise a theater, a cinema and a library and even a playground and these clubs must be managed by the residents of the area with no interference …

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Seven magnificent women

Fifteen years ago, Mrs Fareah Al-Saqqaf sensed the danger threatening her small homeland and felt the need to do something to save an entire generation which was drifting into subversive and terrorist activities or getting absorbed in the world of drugs. Al-Saqqaf did not exert much effort to convince some …

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Read Iran’s letter in Nasrallah’s language

IS Iran really striving for stability in the region and formation of good relations with its neighbors on the other side of the Arabian Gulf? Was the visit of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the Sultanate of Oman and the State of Kuwait intended to close many of the …

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