Saturday , February 24 2018


Women too can join force – Mandatory service

Kuwait has known, before everyone else, the compulsory military service. This has always been the case with Kuwait, before the issue was deliberately put on the backburner. The conscription would have been successful and would have achieved much if it had not been pushed into the maze of misuse. The …

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You are the real culprits!!

THE culprits from DAESH have been spreading destruction in every corner of the world, with clear exception of those who support their bloody ideology and those who rejoice — even silently — over the massacres and miseries they carry out throughout the world. The latest crime of DAESH was when …

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Language barrier curtails rights of divorced foreign women – Female spouse entitled to more than post-marital alimony

Despite the fact that the English language is used daily here in Kuwait in both personal and business settings, having become significantly popular with the influx of smart phones and social media, the language still stands powerless when it comes to the law. More specifically, non-Arabic speakers encounter many problems …

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If, but, as if, perhaps

“If you are not able to convince them, confuse them” (Harry Truman). When one reads this title, they may think this article is about the rule of grammar. However, it has nothing to do with that, God bless Sipawaih. Actually, grammar is a part and parcel of the world events …

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Obsession of Erdogan

When we look at the results of the referendum recently organized by Turkey to amend the Constitution, the Constitution that dates back to the Ataturk era (1923), it has become crystal clear that most major cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Mersin and Bodrum have voted …

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Why should government continue to kowtow to aggravators?

CONSTITUTIONS are social contracts for collective administration while laws are their tools. Whenever the State fails to play its role in implementing the Constitution or sealing accords, it opens doors of evil to itself and citizens. This is why democracy, throughout history, is controlled such that it is not easy …

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‘We hide more, show less’ – Art binds Kuwaitis

I received a CD of songs enclosed in an elegant envelope, a gift from the Al Rai Media Group, with the following wonderful text: “The music was and is the companion of the Kuwaitis during their sea voyages and travels; when they sat together after a hard day’s work. They …

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Love overcomes faith – Passion for dark Arab eyes

Commenting on the article ‘Going down the history’ of Marguerite, Mohammad and Jane, a friend of mine after reading my article wrote a letter asking me why some people are more interested in the tales of Westerners, men and women, who fall in love with Muslim Arabs in particular, to …

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Affirmative orders from King Salman

THERE is no doubt that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its capacity as the engine of the Gulf region will continue to be the regional and global center of attention because of its huge role in the global economy. Due to this, opinions are plenty concerning any development that …

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