Saturday , September 22 2018


Pardon us for ‘haters of fun’

I WAS glad to read an article in last Thursday’s Al-Qabas daily newspaper written by columnist Dala’ Al-Mufti about the lack of fun and rejoicing in our ‘Eid’ celebrations nowadays. Instead, fun and rejoicing stormed the celebrations of others, especially our Christian brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, the article is hundred …

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Reveal your actual appearance to your fiance or face divorce later

Can a man file for divorce if he finds out how his wife looks like without makeup after getting married!? How far could makeup hide the actual appearance of someone? Social media revealed not only the enormous quantity of makeup and cosmetics that most women around the world use, but …

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Arabs losing ‘nos’ from Khartoum to Sochi

IS IT coincidence that the bearer of the rhetoric, “No to al-Assad in Syria’s future,” is the brother of the Syrian foreign affairs minister during the defeat in June 1967? Is it coincidence that the bearer of three ‘nos’ at the 1967 Arab League Summit in Khartoum is the one …

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Things which make one proud

When the late Saud Al-Dosari, the presenter of MBC program ‘Turning Point’ asked me what was the most important turning point in my life, I replied it was a day at the Gulf Bank in the mid- 1960s. I found myself in an totally different environment. The discipline within the …

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‘Wasted food’ could feed the world three times over

■ Food wasted in the Europe and the US alone could feed everyone in the world three times over. ■ Th e food wasted in the US accounts for 25% of country’s water usage. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, every year one-third of all …

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Higher pay, lower prices top wish list for Egyptians

THE unseated Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi left the Egyptian economy in shambles. Foreign reserves were depleted. Foreign investment dried up. Those were the darkest days literally with constant electricity blackouts. That said, since 2013, the government has without a doubt made progress. Foreign reserves are now at their highest …

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MPs of blackmail and Cabinets of fear … the base of affliction

IS the boycott of 11 MPs from the recent parliamentary session in which the new Cabinet took the constitutional oath a part of democracy? In fact, isn’t it a violation of the concepts of democracy and an evidence of rejection of the prerogatives of authorities? Not a single new government …

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DAESH & Ku-Klux-Klan

One of the participants to a European economic policy forum, told the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair: “In fact, DAESH is an Islamic product. The organization has attracted people with psychological problems, adventurers, disgruntled people in the Middle East and Europe, and that what DAESH calls for is derived from …

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A commanding beggar

THE beggar I refer to here is Abu Hamza Al-Masri who Great Britain sheltered, fed and clothed, he and his family, and the man later turned against the host country by inciting ignorant young British men to turn against their country and against the entire Western civilization. It is yet …

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Failure of institutes

When you read this article I am on my way to India and Thailand to spend my Christmas and New Year holidays, away from the influence and domination of the evil brothers. “When we were young, our mothers used to tell us to be grateful, eat vegetables for dinner, and …

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