Monday , December 18 2017


Suicidal revolutions of Arabs

“REVOLUTION to the last cent”, “Soul and destruction of the last house” – these words could sum up today’s situation in the Arab world following the complete destruction of countries that fell in the trap of the so-called “Arab Spring” when political forces were taken over by zeal that led …

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The wonderful Mutairi – ‘Policeman’ deserved to be honored

LAST Thursday as I was driving back home, it was past 3pm and the temperature was about 34 degree Centigrade. I then noticed a patrol vehicle stop behind a small pickup vehicle on a side road parallel to the Fifth Ring Road. I wanted to see what had happened but …

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Articles in the age of Twitter

“IF YOU don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed; but if you read it, you are misinformed” — American writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain (1835 — 1910). In this era of Twitter and other social media platforms, many give little interest to articles in newspapers. This is because …

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Renewing of elites… & advisors

DESPITE ongoing developments in Kuwait, as well as the regional and global spectra; minimal change is observed in the methods adopted by a force or another. This is in spite of the promises that some made, whether in the constituents, institutions, political faction or even the civil society. In most …

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How Saudi changed US policy traditions

HERE is Saudi Arabia, a country with strategic roles! Through it, paths towards the future unite. Through its pragmatism and use of facts, it calmly sets up policies, not through slogans or emotions, which are the bases for policies in majority of Arab nations. That is why May 24 will …

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Arabs and conspiracy theory (Part 2)

IN THE article written by Mohammad Al-Hashmi for the news website “Shafaf”, he wondered about the role played by Arab leaders during the period that determined the destiny of the entire Arab world. There is no doubt that such a role was nil, as their abilities are very low compared …

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Statement foils attempt by parliamentary ‘exploiters’

THE action taken by the Kuwaitis whose citizenships were revoked was excellent, especially after they issued a statement which stopped the parliamentarians from frivoling with their case, and instead redirecting it to its proper course. The MPs exploited the sufferings of these people with the aim of fulfilling their own …

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We are extremists’ grandparents

THE French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was defeated by the now President-elect Emmanuel Macron in last Sunday’s presidential election with the latter winning an unprecedented 66 percent of the casted votes and Le Pen just 34 percent. No attacks on foreigners especially Arabs and Muslims were attributed to Macron …

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Arabs and conspiracy theory

MOHAMMAD Al-Hashmi wrote an extended article for the news website “Shafaf”, explaining the international circumstances that led to the issuance of the Belfour Declaration. I will try to summarize the article and give my comment in brief. Al-Hashmi said the declaration was issued due to many reasons but did not …

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