Wednesday , January 24 2018


Qatar … pages have dried and pens have been lifted

IT is during difficult times that a friend is distinguished from an enemy. For the past 20 years or more, the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and some Arab countries have been maintaining silence over their agony concerning the frivoling politics of Qatar. Yet, they always opted …

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Smile back on sad faces – Elderly expats get reprieve

After hesitation which did not last for long, the General Department of Residence Affairs has decided to cancel or, rather, amend its previous decision to refuse to renew the residence permits of parents and siblings living in the country on family visa after the administration identified the negative aspects of …

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Muhammad VI … Gulf cohesion

THE quick move made by the King of Morocco, Mohammad VI, in an effort to mend the dispute between Qatar and three GCC countries — Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain — received positive echo from the leaders and people of the “Gulf council” The move represents a clear …

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Brotherhood’s double standards not strange

LAST WEEK, the Turkish authority decided to start the process of withdrawing the citizenship of 130 people who are Turkish from their fathers and grandfathers. The decision to withdraw their citizenship is not because they acquired it fraudulently, and not even due to their dual citizenship. The decision is based …

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Revolution long overdue

The education in Kuwait needs complete overhaul through a qualitative revolution in the curricula. It is clear that all of our misfortunes, our backwardness, the deviation of our youth from the goal can all be attributed to strange religious interpretations. Our youth are dying in unwanted combat on battlefields which …

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Giving … offers inner peace

For many years now I was under the impression that man lived to be happy and on this subject I have written a few articles both from my personal point of view and the experiences of others, including psychologists because this is what I always believed in. A recent book …

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Tortoise vs highbred horse – ‘Tread carefully’

“I wish religion enters politicians, rather than religious people entering politics.” — renowned Islamic cleric, Muhammad Mitwali Al-Sharawi (1911 – 1998) Crises always contain lessons to benefit from. One of the current unfortunate political crises witnessed in the region has demonstrated the risks involved in the use of political media …

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‘Learn from thy enemy’ – ‘Shun racism, sectarianism’

India, and certainly the United States or America, has one of the world’s most diverse religions, sects, faiths and languages. In an article written by Saudi colleague Fahad Al-Ahmad said in America alone, which is the main destination for migrants and the oppressed, thousands of religions and sects are recognized …

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Qatar … ‘for you cannot cut through the earth nor reach the mountains in height’

DOES the Qatari administration think that the misrepresentation and bluffs of its mouthpieces, or the fake tears over a Saudi infant who was barred from accompanying his Qatari mother to visit his father who lives 100 kilometers away, or another from Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates, will change the …

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