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Jolie & the queen

THE noted Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, married to the Hollywood superstar ‘Brad Pitt’, last week left behind her blond husband and her six children — …

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Obama’s anti-Arab views confirm suspicions

JEFFREY Goldberg’s appraisal of the ‘The Obama doctrine’, that has caused a furore in response to the President’s scathing views on America’s Arab allies, has …

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Country of the future – Invest in world of food, water

PART of success lies in preparing for the worst and the ability to think in advance, which makes it possible for the future to be …

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Up security sweeps against law violators

Arab Times March 13’s issue carried the following piece of interesting news: “in less than 10 minutes, the Friday Market, which normally attracts crowds of …

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Your Highness … this is not the way to go

YOUR Highness Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, it is not a secret that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an economic locomotive …

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Obama deserves Mullah ‘Award … for Terrorism’

  WE do not need to go through what Jeffrey Goldberg has published about the ‘Obama creed’ to understand what the US president — who …

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Welcome … but?

  WE welcome the new amendments to the old Traffic Law as they include tougher penalties for each violation. With resentment, we witness violations being …

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Message from East to Obama – ‘Saudis playing legitimate role’

IT SEEMS United States of America’s President Barack Obama was angered by the way the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia handles its affairs and carries its …

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Reject sectarianism

THE Sykes-Picot Agreement, conceived in a backroom of Britain’s House of Commons and drafted on the back of an envelope, rearranged the borders of the …

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UN’s Ban bias violates Moroccan sovereignty

NONE of the former United Nations (UN) secretary-generals took a biased action similar to that of incumbent Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who highlighted the Western Sahara …

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