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Saturday , January 25 2020


Muhammad VI, King of beautiful surprises

WHILE several Arab nations are wallowing in crises that threaten their destiny due to wrong calculations in internal politics, the Kingdom of Morocco continues to …

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Camp of rational, logical resistance

IT seems that the third world has one and the same mentality; there is no difference between one society and the other. The manner in …

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Increase in fuel prices forecloses need for loan

IT IS impossible for any country, especially a country like Kuwait, to make profit if it continues to subsidize majority of goods and services in …

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Message against trafficking

All over the world, tens of millions of people are desperately seeking refuge, many of them far from home and even farther from safety.  Migrants …

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Lest ‘Columbus’ end like the Red Indians

THE worst threat to any nation is the submission of itself to ignorance through the will of its majority who have deserted their brains under …

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Saleh-Houthi alliance and futile stakes

IT IS impossible to evaluate the acceptance of legitimate Yemeni government into the ‘Kuwait Agreement’ presented by United Nations Envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, except …

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Errors of judgement made by the West exact a price

WITHOUT doubt the greatest error committed by the US and its European partners is their neglect of Syria. When President Barack Obama erased his own …

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Qasim Sulaymani, an epitome of Iran lunacy

THE Iranian ‘Tasbih’ of threats has returned to action, either through its agents or directly by the leadership of the Mullah regime, against the GCC …

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Security Council or false witness?

WHAT obstacles will the major global powers bring to an end concerning the Yemeni issue following the coup carried out by Saleh-Houthi alliance which had …

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Dear Zarif, you can’t liberate Al-Quds with pistachios and caviar

MOHAMMAD JAWAD ZARIF was not funny in his lectures about the chastity of revolution and his attempt to cover up the scandals which the government …

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