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Tuesday , January 21 2020


Arabs losing ground to Iran in lobbying stakes

THE world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism is pulling out all stops to ingratiate itself with Washington elites with an image makeover projecting their ‘peaceful’ …

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DAESH new Middle East

FOR the past six years, “DAESH” has become a ‘magnet’ wherever it shows its face in the Arab world, and Western countries with Iran continue …

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Shun sectarianism – ‘Govts share responsibility’

At the height of apartheid between the white minority and black majority in the Republic of South Africa, the Rev Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of …

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‘Smart phones shrink world’ – ‘Live and let live’

In a café located at Champs-Elysées in Paris, a young man is seated enjoying the cool breeze. He’s in a conference call via his smart …

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‘DAESH’ fiction … lies of major countries

SUDDENLY, the world is preoccupied with the so-called ‘DAESH’ organization which managed to occupy, in no time, a large part of Iraq and Syria. It …

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‘Time now to reform tax law’ – ‘Deserving should get Zakat’

Ten years ago the National Assembly passed the ‘Zakat Tax’ Law or the ‘Baqer Law’, which obliged all joint-stock companies, listed and unlisted to pay …

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The Jungle … promised land … Trump Kuwaiti!!

MANY refugees from Arab countries like Syria, Sudan and Eritrea, as well as from Islamic countries like Afghanistan, went through a lot of difficulties and …

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Political slogans will no longer change us

JUST after one of them registered his name on the list of election nominees, we started hearing waves of campaign promises, starting from organizing traffic …

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State, people for ‘one vote’ system

MAKING unnecessary noise or fake promises or echoing slogans to entice voters as part of political acting at their expense just to reach the Parliament …

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Bringing the best of America to Kuwait

I AM thrilled to be launching the fourth annual Discover America Week, which kicked off Sunday. Between Oct 23 and Nov 3, the Embassy will …

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