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Saturday , November 17 2018


‘United’ we stand, united we succeed

December 2, 1971 was much more than a simple signing of a treaty, it changed our lives forever. It broke down not only physical borders and barriers, but over time it brought the leaders of seven neighbouring states together as one body, moving in the same direction towards peace and …

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‘Respect opinion of others’

We have to admit that we live in a society where majority of the people do not abide by cultural values and the principle of accepting differences and varied opinions. Most of us deal with this aspect as a sign of prestige or status only. The principle of ‘Disagreements in …

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‘Boost trade with India, hire more experts to up economy’ – ‘Kuwait must increase investments’

According to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), “Kuwait’s Ambassador to India Fahad Ahmad Al-Awadhi urged increase of trade between India and Kuwait through boosting investments,” (Nov 28, 2015). The context of the Ambassador’s announcement was the “inaugurating the commercial operations of NAPESCO India, a subsidiary of NAPESCO International Petroleum Services Company …

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So that Syria does not become another Palestine

ISN’T the current incident in Syria similar to what happened in Palestine in 1948 when the Arab armies promised to return Palestinians to their homes within two or three weeks and they will throw the Jews into the sea? What happened 67 years after the Palestinian plight? If Arabs ignored, …

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Symbolic portrayals important to caricature – ‘Art demands both responsibility and courage’

Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat is one of the Middle East’s most important living artists. Over a career spanning four decades, more than 15,000 of his satirical drawings and caricatures of political figures have been published in Arabic-language and international newspapers. In 2011, with the first wave of the Arab Spring, …

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Safety of Egypt isn’t exceptional

NO country in this world, despite its high security capabilities, is able to completely control its internal situation as incidents continue to happen from time to time. Whenever a security agency updates its tactics in combating crimes, the criminals also revise their methods; so countries have been striving to prevent …

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Challenge all those who distort Islam’s message

Morten Storm, the Danish co-author of “Agent Storm: My life Inside al-Qaeda and the CIA”, recently aired his anti-Islamic views on Fox News, abusing this media platform to spout blasphemous opinions. This former al-Qaeda terrorist turned double agent was radicalized in prison and was later recruited by the CIA and …

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‘DAESH’, chaos and Gandhi saga

IN the midst of sectarian, doctrinal and racial conflicts which have spread like wild fire in the entire region accompanied by world condemnations of crimes committed by DAESH, we remember Mahatma Gandhi. The late Indian Father of Nation then said, ‘Every time the Indians united against the British occupiers, they …

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What I expect from climate change conference in Paris

For the nearly nine years that I have been Secretary-General, I have travelled the world to the front lines of climate change and I have spoken repeatedly with world leaders, business people and citizens about the need for an urgent global response. Why do I care so much about this …

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Presidential hopeful Trump has ripped off his mask

I was wrong and I do not mind admitting it. My support for the front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was a mistake. Initially, I admired his outspokenness and his record of turning losses into wins. I believed — and still do — that America is lacking strong leadership. But …

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