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Tuesday , November 20 2018


‘I swear by God it is rumor’

THE headline of this article is the same as the title of a song of Iraqi-Saudi singer Majid Al-Muhandis. I adore this song but I confess it secretly maybe because its vocabulary is weird. I do not know why I remembered this song twice this week. The first time when …

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Rights, freedoms … Always

  Over the past 12 months, we have witnessed a number of historic achievements in international development where our broad and disparate community of nations has confirmed its determination to live in international solidarity. As we celebrate the 67th anniversary of the adoption on Dec 10, 1948 of the Universal …

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Simple words of humble writer – Preface reveals book contents

In the eyes of readers a newspaper article is like a piece of fresh croissant taken with a cup of hot coffee, irrespective what the person is reading — a newspaper or an e-media. Reading the article, in which the writer has put concerted mental efforts, begin like the first …

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Persian, Zionist and Ottoman triangle of evil

WE have been concerned about three issues throughout the past years — the forces of Iranian Revolutionary Guard that have been flowing continuously into Syria and Iraq, the escalating Israeli tyranny over Palestinians and occasional Israeli airstrikes against Syria, and the entry of Turkish forces to Iraq. The proverb, “We …

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Govt must do more to end ‘runaway’ domestics abuse

According to the Arab Times “Farwaniya police rescued three Filipina housemaids who were detained by an Asian woman for four days inside an apartment in Farwaniya, reports Al-Rai daily.” When the police arrived at the location, “they noticed one of the women attempting to jump out of the window and …

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Misgivings on eliminating IS

CURRENTLY, there are two international coalitions fighting against the ISIL and both of them have yet to succeed in eliminating the group.  In fact, the group continues to expand despite the intense bombardment.  This is what happened to every group like ISIL. — because every battle against these groups in …

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For disabled, sky is the limit: Al-Mutairi – Paralympics gold medalist inspires Kuwaiti youths with disabilities

The achievement of being remembered is an innate desire of every human being on this blue planet.  It is a goal that is embedded in the nature of humankind; it’s just a question of how much effort is exerted, the sacrifice, the necessary changes in one’s life, in the hopes …

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Saudi and UAE ‘Shield of Gulf’

OUR region is war-torn and fractured. We are facing multiple threats of multiple kinds. This is the most dangerous era I have ever lived through, surpassing the 1991 Gulf War when we came together to defeat a single enemy. While almost the entire world is shining a spotlight on the …

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Yemen … victory has a price

EVERYONE should know the truth that the GCC countries and their allies fighting in Yemen are not only fighting against the Houthis and groups affiliated to former Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh, because they are also combating the expansion scheme of Iran. This major expansion scheme started in Lebanon through …

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Where is Turkey heading with its obstinacy?

MISTAKES have been committed in the war waged by some countries against terrorism (ISIL). Even if the mistake is small, it is detrimental and it might change the course of the entire battle. This is what the government of Turkey should have taken into consideration before issuing orders to shoot …

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