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Sunday , November 18 2018


ISIL defeat is not impossible

FOR several months, we have been hearing and reading opinions that total victory over ISIL is impossible. Majority of these opinions insinuated acceptance of the ‘reality’ – the birth of a new State in Iraq and Syria. This notion came after the issuance of several US stances. US President Barack Obama …

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To the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques … with regards

The facts which were exposed yesterday shut the doors tight in the face of the winds of rumors and the psychological and media warfare and the Iranian terrorist activities against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the entire GCC states. The Kingdom has proved beyond doubt that it is bigger …

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Immorality in antagonism

KUWAIT — its young and its old — were shocked by the death of a member of the Parliament – Nabil Al-Fadel – who was a prominent and outspoken MP. He was not afraid of being blamed by his critics when it came to standing for what is right. This …

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‘Muslims only must address cultural problems, extremism’ – West ‘divided’ on terrorism

It is obvious that some of the secular Western intelligentsia continue to fluctuate in their opinions regarding terrorism. In fact, part of the secular Western mind continually appears to maintain a politically correct intellectual approach toward the violence of terrorism: for example, some Western intellectuals seem to insist on separating …

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Gt Britain … and the Brotherhood game

THE fact that Britain was convinced after 80 years that the Brotherhood Movement is the source of extremism, yet it granting passage to the group, can be interpreted only through two points: The first point is that Britain does not realize the nature of the political power it has contributed …

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Limits to liberalism – ‘Sharia’ red line

I respect and appreciate any person who supports or accepts liberalism or secularism, so I am not bothered as long as liberals or secularists don’t challenge the fundamentals of Sharia. I don’t oppose whatever a person believes in, but I won’t coerce myself to believe in what that person accepts …

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CAR Embassy helps African communities – Dealing with runaway maids a challenge

‘The nationals of several African communities without embassies in Kuwait, including Cameroon, Ghana, Madagascar, Mali, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Guinea, Gabon, Congo and many more, working as maids in various houses face problems with their sponsors or domestic recruitment offices, and resort to the Embassy of Central African Republic to lodge …

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‘Jaber Stadium’ … the will of change

THE civilized spirit of Kuwait, which refuses seclusion, manifested itself the day before yesterday — expressing the culture of commitment based on its social conviction and reassurance that some social pressure forces and political factions attempted to bury under tons of retarded and dubious slogans. These pressure forces strived to …

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Egypt, GCC share a common destiny

THE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reasserted that the GCC countries and Egypt share the same destiny. The relationship with Cairo is on a firm footing and not subjected to political fluctuations. This fact is easily understood by the royal instructions issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques …

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Forgiveness is Strength

“THE weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong,” wrote one of the 20th century’s wisest men, Mahatma Gandhi. The British ruled his country with an iron hand and stripped it of resources for almost 90 years, but he eschewed revenge for reconciliation – as did Nelson …

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