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Wednesday , April 24 2019


Sick Austrian versus a sick Kuwaiti

IN AUSTRIA, a study published recently recommended review of the current ‘sick leave system’. This came after a statistical sample which consisted of various sectors …

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‘Marine Fort’ better name for a city built out of nylon – No seamen, dhows in place

Kuwaitis are known for traveling. In the past, they traveled for commerce and excelled as traders through determination and hard work. Kuwaitis went far and …

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Subsidies a kettle with a lot of holes

A CERTAIN voice wants the government to remedy the economic and financial crisis caused by the oil price decline without touching the service earnings which …

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Long-term strategic schemes vital to avoid crisis recurrence – Dipping oil stirs GCC ‘chaos’

Did you know that contracting companies represent the basic arm of countries’ developmental processes? Did you know that many of the outstanding contracting companies in …

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Mohammad VI’s unique bond with his subjects

KING MOHAMMAD VI revived the vision when he reactivated the royal revolution, led by his grandfather, against colonialists. This is due to his close contact …

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If only they did not do it in Syria

IT IS time for everyone to face the truth. After five years and a half since the war started in Syria, with Turkey pioneering the …

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El-Sisi immune to Brotherhood cries

TODAY, the government of Egypt and its President Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi are subjected to a fierce campaign of criticism on account of a recent statement about …

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Moscow pitches tent with carcass of coup plotters

APPARENTLY, Russia has returned to the politics of the former Soviet Union which led to its collapse. This is reflected in the politics related to …

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It means, don’t criminalize Kuwaiti’s symbol 88

NEO-NAZIS use the number 88 as abbreviation for HH, as H is the eighth letter in the alphabet. Therefore, 88 represents HH — the short …

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Yemen ‘cemetery’ for Tehran agents

THE coup plotters did not leave any window open for peaceful solution in Yemen. They closed the window up to the extent of plotting against …

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