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Monday , November 19 2018


‘Don’t forgive illegal expats involved in criminal action’ – ‘MoI must step up raids’

IN less than a week, roughly between March 8-11, 2016, the Arab Times presented the following headlines in its Crime news: 1,068 referred for deportation in massive campaign on vice. A Bangladeshi held for stealing copper cables. An Asian expatriate was taken into police custody for removing his clothes in …

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Al-Mualim… and ‘vague’ delegation!

THE press conference organized by Syrian Foreign Affairs Minister Waleed Al-Mualim followed the usual principles, so it did not introduce anything new. The speech was the same, with repetition of lies that the government forces have taken control over all territories and repetition of the previous positions, so nothing new …

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Iran, enough with the ‘ballistic’ talk

IN THE past two decades, we have been hearing many names for Iran’s missiles – from ‘Zilzal’, ‘Sijeel’ to ‘Shihab’ and its types. Revolutionary Guard officials said all these missiles are aimed at Israel, bragging about their capability to hit any target in Israel or anywhere in the region. In …

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Indeed, this is your era, O Salman!

YES, it is your era, O Salman bin Abdulaziz. You deserve to be proud of it and so do we. We, along with the entire world, witnessed how determination and decisiveness can confront forces of evil and terror. It is indeed your era – the era of development, in parallel …

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Patience has limits

THE tribal lawmaker who boasted that more than 90 young men from his tribe got admission at the Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences and the Ali Sabah Al-Salem Military College upon his recommendation has violated the Kuwaiti Constitution which speaks of justice, liberty and equality which forms the firmest …

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Open letter to our American friends

I have always been a great admirer of the United States. America’s achievements in the fields of science, technology, aviation, exploration, economy and medicine have been second-to-none. A world without your country’s pioneering can-do spirit and innovation would be one minus life-changing electric light bulbs, skyscrapers, airplanes, photographic film and …

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Palestine of ’47 in Syrian divide

  THE Syrians, Syria or the country’s infrastructure can ill-afford political negotiations because the destiny of the nation is written in the blood of innocent people — people who have witnessed unprecedented migration in the history of mankind and all round destruction which has surpassed the World War II calamity. …

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Ravens of misfortune, agents of calamity

JOHA, a folkloric comic character, was one day visiting a neighboring country with his son. Father and son were seen riding on the back of a donkey with their luggage. As they continued on their journey, people began to laugh because they had no regard for the donkey. Some of …

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Beware of Iran ‘Trojan horses’

  WHEN the issue is about the national security of any country, there is no room for tradeoff between emotional disposition and national position — because it is punishable by law for the former to supersede the latter as such an act weakens morale of the people. When the GCC …

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‘Europe needs to separate fake from genuine asylum-seekers’

MARCH 6, 2016, Donald Tusk, the president of the European Union, warned “economic migrants not to even attempt to come to Europe.” He “implored economic migrants — those travelling to a better way of life rather than because their lives are in danger — not to come to the region …

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