Friday , September 21 2018


Syrian Geneva … have mercy on your people

  DOES the humanitarian crisis, which has been devastating Syria, lead to more conditions and counter conditions — or the best way for the opposition to protect the Syrians is to seriously strive towards stopping the conflict and counter blockades? The Syrian opposition, regardless of its differences in political texture, …

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GCC Economic Council for managing sovereign funds

MANY questions have been raised about the proper way to overcome the current economic crisis caused by the oil price decline in the global market. Each country in the GCC is presenting a solution that appears suitable, amid the absence of a unified strategy to help the organization as a …

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Western powers kowtow to Iran

IRAN’s treasury is overflowing. President Hassan Rouhani, touring European capitals on a shopping spree, is being treated like royalty. Italy was so keen not to offend the sensitivities of their guest that white panels were placed around ancient statues in a museum and was rewarded for its hospitality with deals …

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True wealth, solutions in knowledge economy

Dana Winner, MSc, Cybersecurity Policy, is a Certified Knowledge Manager, Certified Information Systems Security Professional. For more information contact By Dana Winner I have recently volunteered with INJAZ-Kuwait, helping them conduct the Entrepreneurial Master Class and the Innovation Camp in Kuwait high schools. The students are bright, creative and …

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Unnecessary govt bodies – Revert to original structure

IN THE PAST few years, we have been following up with keenness the establishment of unnecessary public authorities that are only significant in serving as offices where people can occupy positions and enjoy free prominence — deliberately or not deliberately. The fact is that huge budgets are allocated to them …

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Like it or not, Kuwait capital of humanity

THE United Nations crowned our Amir with the title, “Humanitarian Leader”, due to the clear record of the leadership in the following aspects — respect for humanity, kindness towards humans and humanitarian assistance for those afflicted with disasters. Just after honoring our Amir as the humanitarian leader and coinciding with …

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‘MoI must step up security raids to nab criminals, illegal expats’ – ‘Fine, then deport law-breakers’

According to a recent report by Al-Anba daily, “Ahmadi Security Director Brigadier Abdullah Safa has sent an official letter to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahad, requesting the deportation of 64 hawkers who were arrested from a makeshift market in Mahboula area as well as four …

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Stop the exploitation of limited income earners

  THE vision is clear now; selling shenanigans about the negative effects of lifting subsidies from limited income earners is no more valid among the limited income earners themselves who became the focus of political and electoral gain invested in the ballot box or wealth increase. It appears that the …

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Lift subsidies … Trust in Allah

IT IS now time for Kuwaitis to face the bitter reality. It is time for the government to stop using the tone of flattery in dealing with the worsening economic crisis that has been battering our country, just like other oil-producing countries which depended on oil as the only source …

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Cameron set good example

  LAST Monday, writing an article in The Times, British Prime Minister David Cameron stressed on the need for British Muslim women to come out of social isolation, the need to teach them the English language and address the issue of discrimination against them. Speaking to a group of Muslim …

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