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Saturday , November 17 2018


US investment summit open

Investors from around the world will gather in Washington, DC, June 19-21 for the SelectUSA Summit, the largest and most important conference focused on attracting foreign investment to the United States. The Summit is a great opportunity for Kuwaiti companies and investors to meet with and hear from economic development …

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Yemen … change towards reality – Expectations high

IT is very normal for General Ali Mohsin Saleh to be promoted as vice president of the country while he maintains his membership of the top military command, because General Ali Mohsin — popularly known as “Al-Ahmar” (The Red), is a natural extension of Yemen’s military leadership structure, given that …

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Peace … finger on the trigger

ALL Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states are completely convinced that the Saudi-led Arab coalition can continue its mission in Yemen for another ten years. The fact is that the Operation Resolve Storm is not a campaign for war but is intended to protect Yemen from the acts of the …

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Earth a massive theatre – Need to come out of it with fevew mistakes

EARTH is a massive theatre. We are just like huge dolls that came to play the role of living beings and the role is perfected collectively. Some of us have perfected the performance to deserve leading roles, whereas some are living in secondary roles and others are like extras hiding …

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King Salman visit to Egypt historic, futuristic

THE Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz visits Egypt on Thursday. This visit is seen as historic not only because of the close ties between the two brotherly nations, or because it is the first by King Salman or because it will strengthen relations between two heavyweight …

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‘Freed’ work permit transfers good step

According to a news report by Al- Anba daily “Manpower Public Authority has issued a decision to give an employee the right to apply for transfer of his work permit after three years of its issuance without the approval of his employer” (Arab Times, April 1, 2016). Allowing expat employees …

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Group of blood, betrayal

FOR the past seven decades, Arab revolutionary groups have been raising slogans on fighting against imperialism, Zionism, capitalism and bigotry, as well as anti-American and Israel sentiments. Whenever one of such groups takes power, every Arab is stunned to discover that the leaders carried out a coup through the plans …

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Barring Muslims would spell US economic disaster

Republican contenders for the White House manipulating voters’ fears for their own ends by threatening to shut America’s door to Muslim visitors while subjecting American-Muslims to intensive monitoring have failed to count the cost of such an immoral, bigoted policy. Current front-runners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, are shamefully vying …

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He is Abdullah bin Al-Hussein

WHEN the flames of the Arab Spring crematory lit the horizon, when the military alliances changed hands, we read in disbelief misleading news reports. The purpose was to negatively influence the relations between stable Arab nations, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was no exception. At stake was the image of …

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Great Egypt

EACH DAY, the world witnesses hundreds of incidents as a result of actions carried out by mentally challenged people. The consequence of such acts ends instantly once the perpetrator is arrested, similar to what happened in Washington – the capital of the United States of America – a few weeks …

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