Thursday , September 20 2018


Set compass right, bring Lebanon back to Arab shore

THE principles are crystal clear for the government of Lebanon to return to the Arab fold. The Lebanese don’t have to sift through the minutes of the meeting that are held at the behest of the Iranians with the barrel of the gun pointed at the heads of its ministers. The …

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What a scabby camel has done to Lebanon

WHAT do the GCC countries want from Lebanon? To answer this question, we say: “The GCC organization has realized the truth about this small Arab country; thereby, using this truth as basis for dealing with the latter. The organization used to see Lebanon as an open and civilized country whose …

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‘Promote culture of productivity to replace expats with citizens’ – ‘Leaving resident must transfer expertise’

According to a recent report by the Arab Times, “major decisions concerning expatriates working in the government sector will be taken soon, as part of measures to address the lopsided population structure of the country, says Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Development and Planning Affairs …

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Corrupt, corruption and solution

  WITH the drop in oil prices, there have been constant talks about cutting down expenditure but surprisingly we have yet to see the light of day in this domain and the reason being our executive authorities — the government and the Parliament — are very clever at identifying problems …

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Whom should we believe in Tehran?

THE statement made by Iran’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Munich on “better future between Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” did not even reach the information media when he contradicted himself in Brussels by attacking the Kingdom through its concerns in Syria. In fact, the minister …

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Lebanon … don’t give up

THE international community has turned a blind eye to Iran’s domination of Lebanon. Pleas for help to rid this Arab country of an armed militia under Tehran’s orders have gone unheard because world powers do not consider this small Mediterranean country has sufficient strategic significance to warrant military involvement. Adding …

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Hijarbie approaching

ISLAMOPHOBIA has pervaded the entire world because the Americans and some Arab countries, along with the so-called Islamic movements, used Islam and its principles to fight against the atheistic Soviet Union in Afghanistan. However, magic backfired on the magician as those ‘brought up’ by American, Gulf and Islamic subsidies and …

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‘European nations must accept only Christian, secular migrants’ – ‘Cultural assimilation difficult’

Although one should applaud the humane approach of some European governments and their compassion toward legitimate refugees and asylum seekers, however, it continues to be quite challenging to assimilate all migrants into the mainstream European culture. For example, it is very difficult to expect the rapid success of any process …

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UAE sword … and faith in integration

THE birth of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was not the result of a political dispute or gambling over a project meant for domination. It was a vision based on the conviction that there is no place for those who will isolate themselves from the rest of the world later. …

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Bit of shame … lot of tolerance

IN AN unprecedented incident, a gang of Arab men attacked scores of women at a train station in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve. According to the news, the gang consisted of Arab migrants — most of whom came from North Africa — who robbed, groped and …

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