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Wednesday , April 24 2019


A tent in Syria or castle of humiliation in Europe?!!

BRINGING an end to the displacement of Syrians is inevitable. All Syrians need to understand this reality, especially after the President of the United States …

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The African … Muhammad VI

THE speech delivered by the King of Morocco Muhammad VI at the African Union (AU) Summit is considered as a historic document. In fact, it …

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Post adds to services rot – Where do we go?

Reader Ala’a says: When the education is so bad in our country, and the health services are on the decline and our roads are in …

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Respect for presidency … not President

WE have been intimate with tens of US presidents throughout our lives … from Eisenhower to Barack Obama … passing through Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Regan, …

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Why do we blame the US?

Regardless of our opinion about Donald Trump, he’ll remain the American President for the next four years and tenure might even be extended to eight …

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First step in anti-graft war

AL-QABAS newspaper never had an editorial as sad and disappointing as the one published on Jan 26. The topic was about Kuwait being ranked as …

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‘End strife on power road’ – Liberals pursuing illusion

Some of the hardcore liberalists, not fake ones like me, believe that it is possible to control the Muslim Brotherhood Group and “tame” them. They …

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Trump policies ignite fear, loathing

Donald Trump the businessman was impressive. Reality star Trump equally so, but I fear the journey he is taking us on as President of the …

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‘Final chance’ for GCC, Iran

KUWAIT, representing the member states of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has given Iran a real test of intentions through discussions, the outcome of which we …

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Kuwait different today – ‘Thanks for breaking monotony’

An Egyptian satirist Jalal Amer once said, “Advanced countries place their citizens on the head but the governments of developing countries place their citizens inside …

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