Saturday , September 22 2018


Distributing oil riches

Case of history failure The oil concessions given to the giant oil companies of major European colonial powers and America was based on the investments of millions of dollars and British pounds these companies made in the exploration of oil in the 1920s and 1930s before actually acquiring profitable returns. …

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‘No room for power hungry’

‘Get rid of radicalism’ I concluded my article entitled ‘Forces of Darkness ….. Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad’ on May 30 by requesting His Highness to strive to make great social, political, moral and human changes as a back for his project, if he wants this huge civilization project to succeed. This …

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Arab Human Rights Court must reform its basic principles

KUWAIT CITY, June 4: The Arab Human Rights Court will walk on the path towards failure if its basic legal system is not reformulated to be in line with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, nine treaties on human rights, and supplementary protocols. Since the court lacks …

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‘The societies I have lost’

‘Hotbeds of corruption’ In the early 1980s, I was among those residents of Jabriya who sought to establish a cooperative society. I was elected chairman of the board of directors by acclamation. Here lawyer, Mustafa Al-Sarraf, who was one of the founders, asked me if I could give him the …

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Radicalism, brain linked – Questions need answers

Neuropsychology has shown that there is a link between religious extremism and lesions in a brain area called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, and how damage or destruction of certain areas of this cortex weakens the flexibility of cognition, openness, and acceptance of disagreement with the other, and becomes less or …

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Religion does not require sacrifices

By Intisar Al-Ma’atouq The immediate profit made by those who trade in religion has made their numbers grow by leaps and bounds. Who among us has not received a text message on his mobile phone asking to subscribe for the service provided by a cleric under the pretext of making …

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Kuwait must fully respect Convention on the Right of the Child

Since the 1990’s, Kuwait has been a human rights active polity. It took responsibility in terms of following the principles recommended by the Universal Declaration of Human rights to ensure justice for everyone and balance between human rights and obligations. Kuwait opted to give children proper attention and care needed …

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Fake, bankrupt preachers

Religious festivals and holidays, especially Ramadan, are an opportunity for many, whether they are fasting families breaking the fast together for almost a month, producers of TV serials, food producers, café owners providing sheesha or beggars and many others who make their best during such occasions foremost of them satellite …

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Laws concerning Bedouns complicated, frustrating

The situation of Bedouns is one of the most complex legal matters in the country, as a generation after another passes without any solution to their legal problem since the government refers to them as ‘illegal residents’. Laws evolve and change in different sectors to better serve the people. Only …

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Woeful saga of hospitals

Dear writer, I am an expatriate woman, one of the more than three million living on this good land. We produce as much as the citizens do and we have the same rights, except political, and we carry out the duties they do. “I write to you because I feel …

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