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Tuesday , November 20 2018


Roads authority woes

Lesser ‘cat eyes’ now No public authority in Kuwait has suffered as much as the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transportation (PARLT). Its law was approved by the National Assembly four years ago but the authority has not been able to carry out some of its responsibilities yet, which …

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Oh fire! Be cool as well as a means of safety for Erdogan

WE recently witnessed a group of fundamentalists in the Kuwaiti society and people who imposed on it inhibitions and prohibitions celebrating in style and in a way that they had prohibited through their fatwas and statements. They had gathered in a diwaniya with a colorful decorated cake in front of …

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Kuwaiti courts accept non-Arabic docus that go through certain processes

Under the labor law it states that all contracts should be drafted in Arabic with such version taking precedent over any translated version. Further, all pleadings before the court should be made in the Arabic language, which also should be used in writing all relevant memorandum. While legally all documents …

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Fragrance of old Kuwait

Heritage, culture forgotten I had previously written an article in which I highlighted our negligence of everything related to our heritage and culture. If we study the history of Kuwait, we will not find people who cared about the state’s documents especially the correspondences between oil companies and the late Amir …

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Oil producers, consumers final losers

Oil prices have risen rapidly this year and are expected, by some, to head higher — possibly towards $100 per barrel. This is alarming to many, who consider such a rise as devastating to the economic growth prospects of many countries. Hence, the panic and scramble to do something, regardless …

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Trivialities take root

‘Dogs are faithful’ Few among Kuwaitis who have not visited Egypt and fell in love with its culture, arts and monuments either in Cairo, Aswan, coastal cities and those laying on the River Nile. This all was before the manipulation occurred by the military regimes either on purpose or not. …

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Bankruptcy of morals

Fend for yourselves The Parliament TV Channel interviewed a number of educationalists including a secondary stage teacher. I could not catch their names. However, the record is available with me. However, the teacher addressing the audience said, “Frankly speaking, the certificates which your children have acquired in elementary school were …

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‘If you are doing well, all the people are then well’

The relationship between the government and the people, most often and throughout history, is based on the number of mutual interests, especially in pluralistic societies, where anticipation, caution and restraint are sometimes occasionally accompanied with cooperation and cohesion in adversity. Honestly speaking, the connection between the people of the Gulf …

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Saints, Kuwaiti suburbs

I heard this extraordinary story when the BBC interviewed one hero, an Indian officer. The events began a few years ago when the father of an Indian girl accused Saint Gurmeet Ram (Indian spiritual leader, singer, actor, director and philanthropist and head of the socio-spiritual organization, called Dera Sacha Sauda) of …

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Queries of Al-Jassar

Abdul Karim Jassar sent me a question from a friend related to my continuous criticism and attack of the Sunni Muslim extremists, and keeping the Shiite extremists away from criticism or attack! This may be the tenth time, when I hear this question, and I have answered this nine out …

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