Friday , October 19 2018


Queries of Al-Jassar

Abdul Karim Jassar sent me a question from a friend related to my continuous criticism and attack of the Sunni Muslim extremists, and keeping the Shiite extremists away from criticism or attack! This may be the tenth time, when I hear this question, and I have answered this nine out …

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‘Segregation never a key to a better State system’

Is segregation the key to a better State system?  Since 2000, Kuwait University has segregated students in classrooms – females are separate from males.  It seems they are willing to go further by segregating schools and somehow the early childhood centers! Islamist politicians claim that segregation is a cure for …

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The five Pandora boxes

Who will bell the cat? It is said in Western mythology a girl called Pandora received a box from heaven and was asked not to open it. Curiosity or the love for knowledge eventually overcame it, and the box was opened spreading evils that reached many people. In Kuwait, there …

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‘Guilty must face law’

Violations unmasked In spite of my ‘historical’ relationship with the Al-Rbetah Transport Company, which is mainly engaged in handling port affairs, for more than thirty years ago, when I was a bank official and helped the company with banking facilities worth millions of dinars and later buying some shares in …

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A life of love & valor

During the 53 years she lived in Kuwait, German-born Monika Al Khashti made an unforgettable mark on her adopted country. Active in both the Kuwaiti and German communities, she demonstrated incredible courage during the Iraqi occupation and was subsequently awarded a medal of valor by the German government. A loving …

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Who fulfils my dreams?

With the escalation of the mobilization movement and securing the jobs for relatives and friends of MPs and their followers, we have seen a wave of establishing independent government bodies, some of which did well, but most of them have remained without work. The government is now considering merging some …

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The ‘too’ good Azmis

‘Need more like you’ As I entered the big house and headed straight into the music room and into the vast inside, where we met every Wednesday evening, my ears could catch the well-known melodies of the great Chopin. I would then imagine the great European musician sitting behind the …

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‘Sea of Nizar’ & charities

‘End suffering’ ‘If I knew that love was very dangerous, I would not have loved,” said Nizar Qabbani in his masterpiece The Message from Underwater. If I knew the sea was too deep, I would have never sailed. I would say that if I had known that the charity had …

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Workers performing service without sponsor’s permission violates ‘law’

KUWAIT CITY, June 26: Legally, employees are not allowed to perform services for companies other than their sponsor. If your sponsor learns that you are working for another company then they can fire you and/or report you to the labor department. In addition to an employee being in violation of …

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‘We were once the size’

There is a saying which is attributed to Dr Mustafa Mahmoud that the greatest achievement made by the underdeveloped countries is that they managed to convince their people that reaching the soccer World Cup is a great achievement and that the failure of education and health is something normal. Qualification …

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